Monday, February 23, 2015

Cancun, Mexico 2015

                   And so we went.....
                  Cancun. A paradise in Mexico. A place where you realize that pictures, appearing over-edited and photo-shopped, can actually be


                                                                DAY: 1
                                         Of travel
We woke up fairly early. Darkness was what I saw outside my window. My eyes drooped, but my mind was alive and ready to begin this journey. Josh took us all the the air port, then we hopped on the plane! I always have this thing (ever since my first time on a plane) that as I'm boarding, I touch the outside of the plane it's self. It feels special somehow.
Rain pounded outside my window. Oh, the glorious North West! From rain, to sun....yes. I was happy with that thought.

 We made a transfer in Denver, Colorado.
 She is an Angel in the sky.
 White faces, like raw toast.

 He is ready for the sunshine!
 And, we arrived. The Mexican air port was rather an experience, as it took over 2 hours to get out.
But, get out we did, and arrived at our beloved resort. Our stomachs took us to the Dinning room, and we supped.

 The swim-up bar.

 As we walked around, exploring our new home for the next 9 days, I heard a 'Thump!' I turn to find a coconut that had just fallen from a Palm tree! I was so excited! I took it into my room, and opened it. Unfortunately, it wasn't ripe (obviously, looking at the color.) so the meat wasn't edible, and there was no milk inside. But it was a tremendous surprise for my first day!

Though the day be short because of travel, we went to sleep with great expectation for the day to follow.

                                                                  DAY: 2
This day was magnanimous. Look at the picture below, and you'll know what  I'm talking about. Sun, white sand, palm trees...and no worries. Blissfully beautiful, beautifully bliss.
I am a lover of fruit.

When the face feels the warm rays...

The normal place to dine.

Look who's lovely!

My Mother. She is without a doubt my very best friend.

Carlos sent us fruit to our rooms every other day. :) That was special. He is our friend. ;)

View of the crocodile lagoon.

Hey little fella!

And so we went....the the mall. It was a good place.

 If you go to Mexico, you won't die. Starbucks is there to save you.

 I loved exchanging American dollars for pesos. :) You give some, and you get a ton. It makes you feel rich, until your total at Walmart comes to $870 for a couple boogie boards. O.o  When I saw that on the little sign thing, my heart dropped and I didn't know what to do. "Oh!" I remembered, "I knew there must be some explanation for this!"

 I've had this as a little girl, and was going to bring it to Mexico, excited about how much it was worth! (Which was almost $400 American dollars) But the night before we left, we researched it again, and found that this year of pesos is basically worthless. It ended up to only being worth 5 pesos. (like a few pennies.) Apparently they just decided to change the currency once, and all the money of those years are nothing now.  I was thankful that we checked again (for the third time.) because I was only going to bring that, and I would be a poor person. ;)
 Eating ice cream.

Dressing up for dinner at the Asian Restaurant that night.

The water had a red-ish glow that night.

That night I tried to write the day's events, so I wouldn't forget.

                                   DAY: 3
Today....a bit cloudy, as you can see. Warm, but cloudy. Later it broke up though.

 The cabana beds.

 One of my breakfasts.:)

 A little crab!

 We went on a little walk with Grandpa to one of the other resorts that he has a time share in. We got some shakes there, and then visited a little Mayan ruin next door. Though it was small, it was beautiful.

 Apparently, this is the new way to pose for pictures. I nail it every time. I'm so good at this!! Wow! I really impress myself sometimes.

 Beautiful photo, if I must say so myself. :)

 They call this ruin the "Scorpion temple." Because they found a scorpion carved on one of the walls.
 This is that other resort I was talking about. We explored it, of course.

 Back at our own resort...
Seafood restaurant for lunch!
 Italian restaurant for Dinner!

 They had pretty exceptional food.

DAY: 4

I didn't take many pictures today, but I took some. :)


 I must say. That morning I was exhausted. No makeup didn't seem to bother me. Not much bothered me. I just needed my fruit and coffee and Cinnamon Rolls, and I'd be fine. :)
 That afternoon Papa, Grandpa, Felicity, Grandma Koch, and I went on a little adventure to Walmart. We took the bus. I like taking the bus, because I get to see a little bit more of the actual  culture there. I would never want to live in Mexico, but I do find it interesting to see, and experience.
Let me tell you a little bit about Walmart....
-As you can see by the picture below, everything is pretty much neon.
-going through the check out, look up and you'll see a guard with colossal gun waiting at the end. I was rather shocked by that, because of the way America is about guns right now, but it totally makes sense down there.
-And.....yeah. It was still definitely a Walmart. ;)
We went to Starbucks again, and I ordered as my little Sister, Alainna, who was waiting for me back home. :)
Felicity...walking the streets of Mexico with bare feet, coffee, and a boogie board. --Classy.
That night we were upgraded to a villa! Previously, we had a room in the main part of the resort, which was nice...but now were in a much larger, nicer room that was right on the beach! I was so thankful!

Just beautiful, right?
This was the front of the villa. We were in the two rooms on the first floor.
You go right out our front path, and take a left to the dinning room. Everything was close and convenient.

Ice cream parlor and cafe!
We loved this place. ;)

DAY: 5
We woke up with the glorious sun, but after breakfast, the clouds rolled in. Today was a fabulous day though. 
We settled down by the sand...I was in paradise. My blanket, my chair, my fruity drink, and sand to draw on. Please pause this moment for the rest of my life.

After lunch, the clouds started to break.

After lunch sometime, we all took the bus to Walmart.
On the bus, there was a crazy Mexican Clown. Honestly...he scared me.


I love my Grandma!!! She is one of my dearest friends. She is kind, generous, and extremely thoughtful. Thank you Grandma for all you've done for me!!

DAY: 6
Today my Grandma Koch left, after lunch time. It was a beautiful day, too! I was sad to see her leave. 

Beautiful sunshine!

Diving for conch shells. :) I found 13 that day!

That night we went to the movies. I loved the movies. There were only a few movies in English, but I wanted the experience of watching one in another Country. :) They had subtitles at the bottom of the screen in Spanish---which I loved!!! -Because I would hear a word in English, then see it in Spanish, and be able to learn some words! :)
Us lovelies. :)

Shopping at the mall, as we waited for our movie.

Mexican McDonalds....they do it better than us..
The Mall! I loved the open-ness of it all.

DAY: 7
A whole day spent on the sand, doing simple things. 

 I must admit....I don't normally see the sunrise. This is only at 7am.

 And....Caitlin and I had a photo shoot. :)

DAY: 8
I actually have no photos for this day. Strange, right? It was just another day in paradise. We had the Cabana beds today, and just did what we always do. Relax, soak up the sun (which it was a super sunny, and hot day, ALL day...) eat a ton, and swim. :)

Last full day! :( We were sure to make the most of it! It was a roasting, only sunny day. ABSOLUTELY stunning! 

Our Breakfast table. 

 Clouds rolled in for an hour, but then back to sun!!
 Tucker and buds. ;)

 We spent a lot of time swimming and boogie boarding in the ocean water that is so seriously feel like your in a gigantic bathtub.

 Tan and's where my heart is.

 Getting ready for dinner at the Italian Restaurant that night with my Grandparents. I love that girl!!!
 In celebration of Caitlin's 21st birthday.
 One of the walls.
 I love my Grandparents with all my heart!!! They are some of the most self-less, loving, and generous people I know! I love them as people, bond with them as a Christian, and rejoice exceedingly to call them MY Grandparents. Thank you Grandpa and Grandma!!!

 Caitlin ordered Salmon and Lobster tale.

 Pears, poached in wine.
 Happy Birthday Caitlin!!!
 Some of the rooms on the main resort.


I'm sad to leave. I love it here. I love the sun, the water, the food, the laziness, and the sand. I simply love Mexico. It's a beautiful place. 

The sun rose up in a bloom of orange blaze to greet us on our last day. 
I will miss the peace the ocean gives.

 Caitlin and I sent on a walk down he beach one last time with Grandpa.

 The view from this side of the beach.
 And we spent the rest of our time in the water. Swimming, and boogie boarding. Around 12:00am, we had our bags brought to the van to take us away.
        And take us away, it did.
Back to America. To the land that I love.

Until our next adventure....