Saturday, February 22, 2014

Snow White Photoshoot.

First time for a snow photo-shoot here. I still have a lot to learn, and problems to pan out, but no one starts out as a pro. :) Everyone goes through that "learning" stage. (and actually never leaves it. ha ha) Since it was freezing cold (not that I couldn't handle it, of course..) I gave her one hour to get all of our shots. I looked at all of the snow, and how white it was, and thought..."hey! We should take a red apple with us to symbolize Snow White in the fairy tales, and how snowy and white it is outside." ---kind of cheesy? I don't know, but it was fun. -yes. Definitely fun. So, here are the photos. If you have any suggestions, or anything of that nature...please.

Like an avalanche.

The happiest people.


Snow is surely the most enchanting, and magical thing. It's like a blanket of little white designs, coating the ground, and dancing in the air. Swirling, and twirling through the wind, to land gracefully on the ground, and sparkle in the light. Oh my days, isn't it the most marvelous thing! I love it!
I'm sure all of you have gotten some snow over the past month, and (if you're a snow person) have enjoyed it to it's fullest! It was like a winter wonderland over here. I don't know the final count of inches we received, (mainly because the children knocked down the snow on all surfaces..) but it was definitely over a foot high. Loveliness is it's name. Pure loveliness.

 We had a pair of humming birds around here when the storm hit. The poor things didn't have any food, so we tried to thaw our feeder as much as possible for them. Even though it froze every ten minutes.

 Sparkling in the sun. --what a glorious sight!
 Snowball fights are a necessity when it snows like this. School was out for a couple of days, so the children took full advantage of these rare, winter-y white days.

 Even though Alainna is a pretty tough girl, two boys against one girl is a little overpowering. :)
It does a person good.
 We were all thankful to have our John Deere to scrape the drive of all the snow.

 Snowball fights--
Some may say they are cold, wet, and disagreeable little things, disturbing and most displeasing. When you get hit, you might cry, and feel the cold sting in your face...then sonter inside, and there remain, for the rest of the day. Now....that's fine. We all enjoy different things in life. But over here, snowball fights are how you prove yourself a man. (or a Koch, for that matter) It's a matter of aim, maneuvering, and strategy. When you get hit, that's not what your're thinking about. You're thinking only about hitting the other person twice as hard, and fast. It's war. It's a cold, ugly war.

 His face....-oh! His face!

 Felicity and Marcus had such a war.

 She got nailed.

How did you spend these white, winter days?