Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas preparations.

Christmas is next week, can you believe it? All the  holiday's traditions have come out for us to enjoy and be thankful for. To be happy.  And make happy.
"Brown paper packages, tied up with string..these are a few of my favorite things..."
This year we kind of ended our tradition of finding our Christmas tree in the mountains. It gets expensive, (gas wise) to drive all of the way up there. We are still going to go up there to play in the snow sometime, just for the experience. :) Instead of the mountains, we visited this beautiful tree farm-----

The farm had this adorable little shoppe, with cute things to sell, free hot chocolate and candy canes...

....and Santa Clause.

Good thoughts...

Lights so beautiful...

My Daddy bought this beautiful, vintage, 1970's  light for me while we were in Pacific City a week or two ago. I absolutely love it!! It's so unique, and colorful, and perfect for my room!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pacific City.

I was so thrilled to be able to go on another vacation this last week.

 This is a weird little guy don't you think?
--Real feather. Crazy.
We explored a few other beaches while we were there, and found one that we really liked. (sorry...can't remember what it was called. :D)

We. Dug. For. Shrimp. --how cool is that?

I love to fly. It's such an amazing experiance. :)

"What is it, precious? Is it tasty? "

This is in December  on the OREGON COAST. *die of shock*