Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's new in "Koch language."

Don't you love the way little children think? They have such an interesting imagination, that you could just sit and listen to them all day and not get bored. Our Koch kids are especially so. They constantly have a new word for things. This post is to bring you up to date on the most recent ones-

Papa and I went to pick up one half of our pig from the butcher with Levi, Jacob. The guy there had a long, bright green and yellow gotee and a bald head. He helped load up the pig, and then Papa hopped back in the rig to take it home. As soon as we started the van, Levi piped up from the back,   "That guy had a rare beard. " He said with a very thoughtful face, "They are usually brown."

As soon as I got back from work, I jumped out of the truck and ran over to give Jacob a huge hug. Just as I wraped my arms around his little body, he jumped back and said, "No! Jessica?!!? You touched my weird end!"

I made the little kids rice and chicken for luch one day, and gave them all their first helping. Jacob finished first, and then held out his plate and said, "Jessica? Can I please have some more fries?"

Nickolas' new word for 'garbage' is "Baa-gie."

Little children are such a blessing!

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wild trout

I am proud to announce that my brother caught our very first wild trout in our creek, which is now safely growing in our pond. *cheer* This is the first time in Koch History that we have caught a trout in G Creek, and I am VERY happy and proud it was my little Brother, Marcus.
He is such a handsome farm boy. :)

 There is nothing like watching the pride grow on a little boy's face as he shows you the very first fish he caught. Priceless.
 A pretty big fish, I might say.
 Letting it go in our pond. How exciting!!!
Thanks be to God that He let Marcus catch the very first trout on our property!
Soli Deo Gloria.



I couldn't believe I actually caught this shot! The bird has a fish in it's mouth! I'm sorry if I'm just way too excited about something that's not even that cool to y'all, but I was super happy about it. :) -Just thought I'd share.








Flowers & wood.


Day three in California.

Sadly, this was the last day of our vacation. Time flys by. Now, unlike the weather we had on the first day, (81 degrees) today was a bit colder. (about 65 degrees) If any of you were checking the San Diego weather hoping that we would get rained on...I'm sorry to disapoint you. It rained, yes. But that was durring the night. We woke up this morning to a few puddles here and there, and cloudy skies, but the clouds broke up, and the sun shone it's face once more.

 A submarrine.

 After walking around for a little bit, we bought tickets to the USS Midway. Even though I went there last year, I was happy to go this time aswell, because it is such a cool place to go! You can look at all the different fighter air planes, what they had to do to run this battleship, and learn a lot of History. There are a lot of guides on the ship who tell you all about it, and who were serving on the very same ship when it was in the war. That just amazed me. I love hearing stories from people who were actually there, and who knew first hand how it was and all their feelings and emotions they had at the time. My Grandpa Leider is able to tell us kids stories of when he was in war. It all just fasinates me.

 A film crew were filming a movie while we were there.

 Just look at all those buttons! There were walls, and walls of switches and buttons, and it's hard to believe that the men working in there had to know what each and every one was for.

 Just imagine a full size man having to sleep in that small cramed space!
 This guy's name is the same as my cousins! NGUYEN.
 Marcus was being such a snot, that they had to put him in jail. :P

 This was on our way back to the Hotel.

 Now you tell me if this is such a nasty, cloudy, and rainy day!
 We spent the remainder of our vacation raiding the concierges level of snacks and drinks, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the hot tubs, and sun bathing.

Thanks be to the Lord for another wonderful vacation! I made a lot of cherished memories, and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. I think I have finally made a decision on my favorite place in the world- California. I've never really wanted to go out of states, and I'm perfectly happy in San Diego. Everything in clean, and warm, and beautiful, and cute, and tropical. Just the way I love it.

What is your dream vacation/ place in the world?

Once again, I thank God for such a wonderful trip, and for the many blessings He pours down upon us.
Soli Deo Gloria.