Friday, May 22, 2009

Caitlin's paper

For the end of the year party the kids were asked to tell us the most important thing they learned. I was impressed with what Caitlin had to say and wanted to post it. She will likely be embarrassed but oh well.

Tonight my topic will be Victorianism. I will be focusing on the virtues and vices of the Victorians. Three of the main values of the Victorians were work, family and faith. The Victorians were workaholics. They could accomplish in one day what we could in a week. Their doing this complies with the word of God when it says in Exodus 34:21 “You shall work six days but on the seventh day you shall rest even during plowing time and harvest you shall rest”. And in 2 Thessalonians “For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work then he is not to eat either”. The Victorians, however, did not idealize workaholicism they knew and believed that family was important, and spending time with them was important. That is why they created the weekend, so that the family could be together. Chores and allowances were also instituted so that the children helped too. Instead of having big bedrooms where family members spent most of their time, like today, the Victorians had only beds built into the walls meaning that family members spent most of their time together in the “family room”. The Victorians also had amazing faith, and traditions, as well. One important one being feminism. Women become very accomplished and started to demand their rights. Loosing site of their created purpose, that of helper, they tried to through off headship. This idea comes into conflict with what the Bible says. Titus 2:5 sums it up “Be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to your own husband, so that the word of God will not be dishonored. The Victorian era was all the best aspects of Christendom mixed up with all the worst aspects of modernity. Following Dr. Grants advice, we need to look back on the Victorians, who have shaped what we are today and learn from their wrongs so that we may set the course for the next generations.

Beach Trip 2009

It's amazing that almost 21 years ago Laurn and I met each other on this very beach. The Lord has really blessed us.

The whole Koch side of the family. Tony and Rebecca and kids Anthony Jr., Trinh, Hung. Laurn's oldest sister Tereasa's daughter Casandra. Grandma Koch, Aunt Cindy, Laurn, Leslie, Caitlin, Jessica, Felicity, Marcus, Alainna, Levi, Jacob.
This was taken at our favorite beach, Hug Point.

We left at about 6:30 am and stopped at Camp 18 for breakfast. The kids and I went through all the ash trays in our cars and through Laurn's night stand and pockets and came up with $160 in change. This was our beach spending money. Laurn's Mom and Cindy gave us a gift certificate that more than paid for our ocean front 2 bedroom with a kitchen room and also gave us 2 meals at Moe's restaurant. Thanks Mom and Cindy for the great time!

The tables are huge. I need one in my house. It's actually wide enough to have plates AND food on them at the same time. The kids had fun playing games while they were waiting for their HUGE cinnamon rolls.

This is what is called "an Aunt Cindy bite"

Grandma Koch and Alainna snuggle to keep warm.

Aunt Cindy and Marcus having a blast as usual.

Levi just loves Jacob. Jacob loves saying cheese for the camera

Jacob really enjoyed is first time playing in the sand until he licked the shovel.

Alainna enjoyed swimming in her new swimsuit

Jacob and Grandma Koch


Oh, I see! Grandpa found Jacob and unlike many peoples response he thought it was cute and took some pictures. Jacob loves toilet paper. It could have been worse. He could have put it all away for us, IN THE TOILET. Thank you Jacob.

Don't the kids look excited about shopping, AGAIN?

Laurn's mom bought HIM this viking hat. I promised not to post a picture of him with it on (although we have several REALLY GOOD ones. You will have to marry into the family to see them) I knew Levi would not mind.

Me and my sweet Caitlin. I had to drag her away from taking pictures of the sunset.

Caitlin got some really great pictures and we got some really funny pictures of her doing it as well. (again I promised not to post those, you will have to marry into the family for those as well)

My parents came with us on this trip. It was fun to spend time with them.

Grandma loves the kids.

Christian Heritage Conference 2009

Christian Heritage Conference 2009

Youth choir
Caitlin and Jessica in the middle. Also, a few Sturdevant girls and Mack girls.

Caitlin and Jessica were in the choir for the first time last year. They had a great time and were really looking forward to this year. They sounded so great and you could tell while they were singing that they were having a great time.

We took the WHOLE family this year. 9 of us in 1 hotel room for 2 days. The little ones did so well. It was like being in church for 10 hours a day for 2 days. The only thing was that after each session Levi thought (like at church) it was time to go play. We lost him a few times and in a building this huge it was a little fun trying to find him. Jacob was the most difficult, he wanted to give his opinion through the speaking sessions.
The conference was very encouraging and challenging at the same time. I came away recharged but also convicted to teach more of the important things that my children MUST have to fulfill their particular callings. I also came away convicted to be more diligent in what I am already doing. I think the biggest thing that hit me is that I have a 15 year old daughter who will not be around much longer and I still have so much I want to teach her and share with her. My time is short. I must use every minute wisely to give her what she will need to become a Godly helper to her husband. May the Lord give me the strength and wisdom to guide her and ALL of the belssings he has given me.

Grandma Turns 90

Levi really enjoyed the open house for his Great Grandma's birthday. It was a continuous buffet of food and cake!

Grandma raised 3 boys and just loves the Koch boys. She says Marcus is her favorite but she loves them all.
It was an interesting time at the party. We are the only ones in our family with more than 2 kids, single income, homeschooling, and faithful church attenders.
We were staired at and ignored a little but did our best to reach out to our family and be a good example for our God.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I ran into an old teller from my bank from over a year and a half ago. I remember she and I were pregnant at the same time and she was due about 1 month before me. I talked to her ofter and was encouraging her to stay home with her baby after she was born. She would ask me questions about my family and our life and told me she and her husband were a Christian. She and her husband had been married for a year when their baby was born. Their dream was to have many children and after our talks to have her stay home and raise those children.She told me today that 1 year ago tomorrow she woke up after a nights sleep and found her husband dead. Not sure the details of why he did not weak up but he was gone.She now has a 18 month old daughter (named by her father) Faith Nevaeh (heaven) and is struggling to work and raise her. Her sister is coming up from California for her senior year in high school and is planning to home school her final year and help her take care of the daughter so she can work.This story reminds me of how much we take for granted and for how much we have to be thankful for. In talking to her she had hope for her future and assurance that God was in control and that all things are for our good and that He will take care of them.Look at your family, husband, children and be so thankful and please PRAY for my friend Tabitha. I have given her my contact information and I hope to her from her and encourage her in the future as she has encouraged me to count my MANY blessings.Blessings to you all!Leslie