Monday, July 23, 2012

In the fields...

Oh, I absolutely love sunshine! And then fields as well? I could die of happiness!
The Vangelder girls joined me in taking in the beauty of the fields. Enjoy the pictures--

"There is nothing more beautiful than a farm girl in her fields."

I think this picture is ridiculous, but my sisters love here it is-

Old red barns, fields, sunshine, freinds, Sisters, sundresses, barefeet, and a quad will never cease to put a smile on my face that streaches from ear to ear. The Lord is good!

Thus ends the pictures...


Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Paddle Board.

My family and I were finally able to take our paddle board out last week for the very first time! It was simply w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.   I can already tell that we are going to spend hours and hours of fun all summer on this thing.    

Here are some pictures of our "first time" on the paddle board at Yale Lake. 

Papa was the best at it. (naturally...)

 Here goes Marcus--




 And even the littlest of us Koch kiddos were able to enjoy it. :)

Oh my goodness. I just absolutely love our new paddle board!! Much fun was had.


 I love summer life.-to work hard and play hard is so fulfilling!
We had to work hard this last week copping and stacking firewood. (It was only one day of firewood that week.) Papa told us he would give us each 10 cents for every piece of firewood we chopped and stacked. Wow, that's some determination for you! He is such a good Father. :)
I tried my absolute hardest to chop wood well, but honestly...I'm horrible at it!! You can tell between something that I've chopped, and something that Caitlin has. Caitlin's would be strait and clean, and mine would have all of these hacks and cracks in it like I was trying turn the whole thing into kindling and failed. *smile* That's okay though. I had a whole lot of fun, and am slowly learning to be better.

 We butchered our cows today!! I'm actually kind of sad. They were beautiful cows....

 Country kids catchin' 'em tadpols in the pond. :) I love it.
 Just begining...
 What a handsome man!!
 Okay. I'm sorry...This photo just cracks me up.

 Wood! -Yay-

By the end of the day Caitlin earned $20, I earned $15, Marcus earned $17 (he had chopped some previously), and Felicity earned $8.50.  After the days work, Papa took us all out shopping to Goodwill to spend our money. It was a more-than-wonderful day!!

My little siblings are constantly surprising me with all sorts of little gifts. After work on Thursday, Marcus picked me some flowers. He is so sweet!!

(--just thought I'd share. :))

Thanks be to God for another day!!!