Tuesday, January 15, 2013


What genuinely makes you happy? Is it red roses and chocolates? Newly painted nails, and Starbucks? Or money for a shopping spree? These things do make me happy -more than happy- but just recently I have been thinking about what else makes me happy that I usually do/get on a daily basis. Those little things in life you do that make you burst with joy and happiness. You just have to stop and realize it.
When I started thinking about it...I soon found that there were so many things I loved!
It's the...
*cold side of the pillow
*a child's unlimited imagination
*fresh air
*the smell of freshly cut grass
*getting a magazine in the mail
*watching a baby laugh
*letting your hair down after it's been up all day
*tears from laughing so hard
*writing on the first page of a notebook
*watching kids do something you taught them
*sleeping with the windows open in the summer
*when I laugh all of the sudden because I remembered something funny
*watching a baby yawn
*running barefoot in the grass
*the first lick of an ice cream cone
*closing my eyes and imagining I'm actually flying when I'm on the swing
*looking at a floor that you've just mopped and seeing the difference
*when a baby holds your finger
*taking your socks off after a long day's work
*picking flowers in the fields
...and falling asleep to the sound of rain.

As I said, I could go on forever like this. Normal, little tinsy things that make me glow with happiness, and thank God for life in it's self.

snö och is. (snow and ice.)

I am so thankful that the Lord actually blessed us with snow this year! It was so exciting! I was able to go outside a take a couple snap shots. Enjoy.

 "The Narnian lamp."

 Frozen spider webbs.

Concerning beavers...

The beavers have struck our land. Trees have been gnawed on, and fallen. This means.....war.

We are victorious!

New Year, 2013!!

We spend every new years eve/day with our good friends, the Seiferts. (and that's the best place in the world to be!) This was my very first time playing the wii. I thought it was very exhausting, but really fun. :)


Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 year review.

New years day is actually kind of like another 'Thanksgiving.' You look back on the whole year and think of all the things you are thankful for. That's what I'm going to do here real soon. Show a selected amount of photos I have taken all throughout the year, of all the things I was most thankful for in 2012. If you know me, I take thousands of photos each year, and so it's the most difficult thing in the world to- first, choose the photos, and second- to think of all the things I am thankful for. I've got an over abundance with both. :)  I'm going to start off with-
Life is good. God is good. And I am thankful. *extremely* thankful.
This has got to be one of the best years of my whole life. The one that changed me the most. With each new blessing God has sent my way, it made me look around and realize how totally undeserving I was for all of this. I have a good life.   I have been blessed over and abundantly. I can't comprehend how God could love and bless me, a terrible, terrible sinner...so much! I am humbled by it.

Thanks be to God for the most beautiful year of 2012.

The children in the Church are so precious!
 Each and every one of these kids....totally and completely irreplaceable.
My best friend. Ever. In my life.
Shootin' guns with my cousins is definitely on the top of the list.
I met my cousin, Ben Baker, for the first time since I was a little girl. Had so much fun with him!!

 Life is too short. Be brave, be crazy, and be adventurous.
 What is more calming than sitting in a row boat, on a lake in the evening, singing "row, row, row your boat..." with your sisters?
 I've thought long 'n hard about this, and have finally made up my mind. This ^ is my most favorite place in the whole wide world, hands down. And I can't explain why, with mear words. It's far beyond that. It's the feeling of peace, belonging, love, hope, adventure, home, etc.. that I feel all at once. It's just far too magical.

(and no. I'm not telling where it is. This place is ALL mine!!!!! :))
 First year for paddle boarding. That thing is worth every penny.
 Sunshine and fields. Yes. This is home.
Friends? --Good to have ya. :)
First year to go to my cousin Trinh's volleyball tournaments! -Yeah!
 We are vikings. What can we say?
 Summer is my favorite time of the year. Always. Then, camping in the summer is even better.
Slap me. I'm dreaming.
I am so thankful I have a job working for my Papa, and that I absolutely love and adore it!
This is Anna. I LOVE this girl!!!
Volleyball is close to my heart.
One of the first country ho downs our Church has hosted! Yeah!! That was fun!
 Construction. Part of my childhood, and every time it happens again...I'm happy. :)
 This is my third time going to California, but my siblings' first time going to San Diego. -The land of fun in the sun.
 Sisters. What would you do in life without one of these? ---Baffles me.

Best. Aunt. Ever.
 Okay, okay, I had to get just a *couple* of my favorite photos in here! ;p
 Best Grandma. Ever. Best family. Ever. Best Airlines. Ever. Best....you know what? Let's just say that everything in this photo is the best ever. 'Cause, it actually is. :)

 We all hate swimming in the water, don't like eachother, are having a bad time, are bored....wait. You say, "no?"  ;)

 *gasp* "that's my papa!" *squeal*

 Great Wolf Lodge. I've been there four times and it never gets old. :)
 I am so blessed I'm his daughter!!
 Well. Have any of you heard that the Space needle is strait up? --"it's a lie!" Don't believe what they say. It has always been sideways.
Scratch that. I actually just forgot to rotate it. :)
 First year that I've to dined at the Space needle.
I love those long days at the beach house.
 Cousins. Meaning? -We love eachother.

 I actually have over 23 siblings. Granted, 8 of them are my absolute favorites, but the other ones are special too. :) Funny thing is, some of them have the last name Bradley, others, Gaul, and two have the last name Bloomer. ?????  :)
There is nothing like jumping in the river in your clothes after a long day's hard work. Seriously. You should try it.
 I finally got my hunting license! (you can tell that I am taking a test, because if I was just at home romping in the woods, I would NOT be holding my gun like I was holding a fragile.....thing. )
If I ever go through a summer without one day of my feet lookin' like this...I don't think I'd qualify as a Koch.  It's just what we do. Normal.

 ....But thank GOD I AM a Koch!!!  (coke.)    :)
First year in a long time since we have processed our own pig. When we did it, I felt like I was some sort of "amazing warrior" or something, who was glorying in her kill. :)

The fourth of July guy's volleyball team. :)

We had a fun time with Lily and Grace Stone from China over the Fourth of July.
 --Such sweet girls.
Ladies tea. :)
Going hunting up in the mountains in a truck, with the people you love, is the most amazing thing you can do.
 We. Are. Vikings.
Taking control of the fort while my Parents were in Cancun, Mexico, with my Sister Caitlin, was super.
 Let's end this "end-of-year-review" on a happy note. :) Nickolas.
Once again, I am thankful to God for this year full of goodness, for which..I don't deserve.