Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Let there be Fairy Tales

Yet, another try at whimsical photo-shoots. I haven't reached my goal yet, but nothing good to be got, came easy...  :) -thanks for looking. Any tips, or suggestions, and I would be grateful.

Friday, December 20, 2013

A house full of kids.

Kids are a blessing. That's the bold, bottom line. No matter how many dirt filled, snotty noses you have to wipe, or bugs you pick out of the pockets of those mischievous boys, they're still a blessing! No matter how many spiders you have to smash, or emotional breakdowns you have to fix, little girls are still such a blessing! Each child, with their own special needs, and diverse personality's all make for the most joyful home.
This is what we had last month. A terribly, crazily, wildly happy home. While my parents and Mr, and Mrs, Bradley went on a vacation to Leavenworth, Caitlin, Felicity, and I held down the fort and made the most of every day.
Days filled with 13 kids, and lots of love.

 Awww, those kids look so sad!!! It looks like they are having a terrible, terrible time!

 "but Caitlin....I don't want to wear this shirt!" This is Nickolas' constant cry. This kid really cares about his style. Last child syndrome? Maybe?
 Lines and structure kept us all happy and emotionally sane.

 Yes. Yes. I know...schooling as well? Aren't I the mean one.. :) Who wants to do school when you've got friends around?

 I did a "chopped"writing program with the kids and they absolutely, completely, totally, entirely loved it! If any of you have ever seen the t.v. program "chopped" you'll know that the chefs are given random mystery ingredients that they have to turn into a dish and they are going to be judged on three things. Taste/ creativity/ presentation. This program is pretty much the same, just in writing form. The child is given their random ingredient/ingredients, (person/place/thing/emotion) and then they have to create a short story using that ingredient. It is judged on taste (story plot/outline.) creativity (using the ingredient well, and creatively. Making sure it flows.) and Presentation. (spelling, writing, grammar.) Then I let them illustrate it. The love and passion they pour into their stories just warms me to the heart and bones.
 After school, I took the kids out to do "work out wars." I divided the kids into what I called, "their squadron" --which was a fancy way of saying "your team." (The kids love using words that they don't even know what they mean. I think it makes them feel smart, and grownup..) After dividing them into squadron #1, #2, #3, and #4, we started the game. Each team had to complete a work out as fast or long as they could. Their time would be recorded, and if they reached the highest, then their squadron would get a point. The squadron with the most points....wins. (obviously) My job was to wear these kids out so bad, that they couldn't move. Did it work? Yes. Yes it did.
 They had to run around our "island" 4 times as fast as they could. The girls won that one.
 "Watching the show"

 See Dylan right there? (above) He was retaliating because the girls won...again. :) Boys cannot loose to girls. It's a matter of everything they hold dear.

 Checking times. :) Every second counts!

 Alainna and Brooke were so funny. They wanted to beat the boys SO BAD, that they ended up screaming and crying because the wall chairs hurt so bad, but they would not give up. They would rather be in massive pain than loose to the boys. I'm telling ya, there was some massive competition going on here...
 I'm lovin' their forms....
 They won!!!! After many other "work outs" the boys and girls tied. (mysteriously...) If I didn't make the girls come out as "the same as" the boys, I would have a massive rebellion of boys on my hands. (being as though there were 10 boys, and only 2 girls) So...yep! It was a tie!

After making crafts, and drinking coco, the kids packed up to go on the third day. Going home with memories so sweet, and hearts so happy.