Saturday, November 30, 2013

To live a happy life is to..

The Beach.

Let's start this post off with a couple points.
First: No matter where you are, you always need to remember this simple fact- "what you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it." This is something my Papa is always reminding me of. Because when your in the beach house, all nice 'n toasty on the couch taking the nap you've always dreamed of (-ha ha. dreamed of...sorry. The irony in that sentence just got me.:)) and it's freeezzz...let's just say it's so cold, you can't even finish saying "freezing." Yes, people. Freezing cold, and raining. Do you think you'll want to go explore outside. In the woods. With no boots. No gloves.
No. No you wouldn't. And how do I know? You're human. Humans generally don't want to get cold and wet. Especially when they know food, fires, and tv are in their grasp. But let me put this before you--
Who lived this day to the fullest?
The man who was the toasty-ist, fullest, happiest couch potato on this blessed earth.
-OR- The man who explored a new place, danced in that cold, invigorating rain, and hiked in nature, that makes you remember what it feels like to be alive?
Now, obviously it depends on you. On your personality. On your mood. Not everybody is the same, and that's okay. But for this girl--I want to be the one who gets a nasty cold from living the best day in my life. A day where I dance in that cold, invigorating rain.
In case you're guessing...that's exactly what I did. Pictures to prove, below. :)
Oh. I promised you a second point, didn't I? Well, it's going to have to be that sometimes life throws you some disappointments. (a.k.a -Not giving you a second point.)

 We visited the BLUE HERON cheese place. It was the cutest little place. I highly recommend you visiting it. :)

 -Nickolas. Man, that kid cracks me up.
 This is a little family hike (more like "walk", but you know.) that we took one day.

 If Nickolas is ever being a brat...I apologize, but this is why. I mean, look at that face! Who can't spoil a thing like that?!
 The Koch family has arrived. And all of nature knows it. least the animals know that Levi has come. Levi is feared by all animals smaller than him. It's a fact.

 This is one of those photos, where you can't even explain to people what you were doing/thinking at the time. You just have to accept the fact that people get this way sometimes, and move on with your "perfect" life. :)

 We found a  small cliff... and we conquered it.

 Up Nickolas goes.
 My Mother too! Why don't y'all give her a round of applause. She definitely deserves it. :)


 Me and my Sis.
 Caitlin killed a fish with her bare hands! We actually, just sort of.....found it. Yes. We found it.

 Want a picture into our family life? This is it. My favorite thing. one tough woman. My Mother is drop-dead amazing.

Yeah. We're a stylish bunch.
 In case you were wondering...He was not looking forward to running down that thing.
  Now, this is when we went actually went exploring. -Just so ya know. :)

 This tree was so cool!

" Levi- ship abandoned. Friends drowned. Stranded on a dangerous Island. And hopeless, he makes his way along the sandy shore in search of provisions."
Seriously, though. Isn't that what the picture reminds you of? Robinson Curuso?

 We hiked water. I'm sorry, but I really felt like Robinson Curuso. Pathetic, I know. But with the right kind of imagination, you can make almost anything awesome.

On the way back to the beach house. Full with life.

The end.