Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alainna Marie

I have started working in the "portrait" side of photography lately. I won't lie, and admit that I am still an amateur at this, and need a lot of practice. So, if any of you would like me to take portrait photos of you or your family, please let me know. :) I would like to get more experience with this, and of course I would be free. As long as you would understand that I'm not the greatest at this. :)
I love doing little girls! I had a wonderful time dressing up Alainna for her "date" with Papa. Curled her hair, put some lip gloss, and high heels, a pretty dress, and flowers. She is so beautiful.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Years go by...

As I sit here, schooling the kids, I feel like I have stepped outside the picture of life and am now looking within. I stop to notice how incredibly fast my siblings are growing up. How they've changed. How they've grown. This morning, I started a fresh, and is but a memory. How did I live it? Was is joyfully unto the Lord? Or was it sad and downcast? Thankfully I had a spectacular day, but all of them are not always that way. It makes me realize how each day schooling the kids, or setting the example for them, points them in a direction. Molds them. Shapes them. It is rather scary, actually. Children watch, and children learn. The people who are placed over them should always be alert to how they are setting examples, and how they are building character.
I sat and pondered that thought for a while, then I started looking through old photos of all of us when we were young. How we have grown, and what we have grown into.
It was an eye opener, really. It just doesn't seem that long ago when I was a skinny, pigtailed little princess in my own little world. And now, I'm a big Sister to a skinny, pigtailed little princess in her own little world. Crazy, isn't it?
All this to say, I've realized how much an older sibling influences the younger kids, and how I should always keep that in mind, and strive with all my efforts to be a good example, and to teach my siblings to be what the Lord wants them to be.
Here's a poem I found on Time passing by-
The pages are turning faster each day
With each new breath the words fade away,
I can't keep track of everything passing
It's going so fast and I don't know the last thing,
The weather of the pages are changing so quickly
The only one feeling this seems to be me,
The future seems to be so near
And the past becoming more unclear,
The hands on the clock just seem to be spinning
And all that I know seems to be thinning,
It can be over yet when it has just begun
The darkness is setting in and covering the sun,
It seemed to be too soon for all these changes
But it had to come with the passing of the pages.
-Lisa Drown

I thought it would be fun to post pictures of what we were to what we are now. Please enjoy-

The provider, Father, teacher, manly man, our everything, the Viking, and king of the world...
Our teacher, helper, us girls' role model, momma, our Queen....

Well...I can't say Caitlin has changed much....still quite the adventurous one. Always running down cliffs, leading me to dangerous places, chasing coyotes, catching spiders, skinning cows, shooting guns, driving her 'ol truck and our red quad, but we all love her to bits for it!! :)


I don't think I've changed much. I still pretty much look the same. I've always loved the beach, following Caitlin and Papa on adventures, taking pictures, writing notes, telling scary stories to my siblings, dressing up like a princess, drawing, and baking. OH! And I can't forget- Making my Mother tea. That was always my thing. :)

Always known as the melancholy girl back then, but man has she bloomed into the most beautiful young lady now! She loves anything earthy. Gardening, essential oils, and the little things in life. She enjoys making jewelry, and crocheting. She is a much beloved sister. :) Oh! And she has the most adorable laugh. :)

This little squirt was our first brother. He's always had the most tender heart, and kind spirit. Marcus is the one who gets all of the dirty chores dumped on him, but he doesn't do much complaining. He's definitely his Papa's boy. :)

She was our funniest little girl. She had binky tricks, down to scary faces. She was always a wild one, running with the boys through the woods, as an Indian. If you could link Alainna to any Princess in the world, she would be Merida. Our littlest Princess forever... 

He has got to be the funniest boy we have. 100% boy, through and though. He has the funniest expressions, and the most interesting mind. He always has his big blue eyes wide open, listening and watching everything that takes place. We love him to bits.


Our sweetie. He has always been the sweet little boy with the massive head and small beak lips. He would be the sweetheart who gives the girls flowers, and kisses, and complements. :)

Goodness, words to describe him? I'd say he's more like a miniature Levi. Cute, hilarious, and 100% boy. He will always be our littlest spoiled baby of the family. :)

Our small little family....
....Grew and grew.

Thanks be to God for absolutely e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
-Jessica :)

Våren (spring)

The air is cool, the breeze is light.
The clouds in the sky are fluffy and white.

The flowers open to show their bright faces,
as the garden snail alongside paces.

The trees unfold their bright green leaves.
The spider a silken web she weaves.

The birds sing their notes high and clear.
Cheer up! Cheer up! Spring is here!
-Teresa Underwood

Though the bed has a spring sprung
Outside April has sprung spring.
           O Anna Niemus



This is little Nickolas singing me his ABC's. :) He's soooo way cute. This stage is just so precious to me. Little kids learning their ABC's...


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Around the farm.

This last week we had a farm day where we cleaned up all those things that you've had on your mind, and you always say, "You know, we just really need to take the time to do this." Then you walk away and go back into the house. (I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. :)) 
Usually I don't feel like taking pictures while I'm working, because I'd just rather get in there and get 'er done, but I remembered how I would think about that when I was old and grey. I would have wished that I had taken those priceless pictures before the memory was gone. So here they are-frozen memories.

That's one mean lookin' car, right there!
Farm boys. *heart melt*

With hard work, comes good food. (Excuse me if I sound like a nerd for a second here, but good is actually a banned word if you went to writing class. I think I should use something a little bit more descriptive- let's say...recherché, or superb.:) That's better. )

When ever you see a sight like this (below) you know, just KNOW something is up. :)
We sold Papa's old farm truck, and when there is any kind of activity, all the kids (secret here: I do this too...I'm just the one hiding behind the door with my nose over the window. Real mature, right? )
line up around all our windows to watch everything taking place. And no. They are not ashamed. Not in the least bit. Me on the other hand...

By the swimin' hole
Yeah, we're country! This last week we had some fabulous weather. Almost 80 degrees! So while us girls were cooking in the kitchen, the boys took themselves on down to the swimin' hole and jumped in.

I came down with my camera after a little while and found....this.     
                                                                                                          ---Levi, reclining in a mud bath, soaking up the sun with a frog in one hand, and a snake in the other. The sight made me laugh so hard, I cried. 

 He named them "pootwo" (the snake) and Toad. -Crazy boy.

Levi is digging for..   *wait for it*
...eels. Gross.

Little boy lost in the woods.
Garden work~

I love his expression of accomplishment.
Diggin' the knee pads, Jacob. :)

Our new strawberry box. (Final photos to follow)
While Papa, Caitlin, and Felicity went to go get some bark and dirt, I had to dig the irrigation lines to all of the boxes. If any of you know me all that well, you'll know that...I just simply am not a digger of dirt. I am really, really bad at it. It takes me a terribly long time, and the end result isn't the prettiest, especially if I'm in a hurry. It really is pathetic. I won't lie.
So as soon as they left I put the kids to work. I dug out the chunks and they had to take out the "crumbs." (as Alainna called them)

Yeah. You might have guessed that I didn't make all that much progress while they were gone, as I only dug two lines and took pictures. :) I had fun though.

Levi makes me laugh once again, about his "method" of...pretty much anything he does.

"Frog Princess."  Hey, maybe it'll actually be a prince this time! That's the thing about just never know....
Marcus has got some muscles. ;)


 I love my boys.

The country life is like no other.