Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nashville, TN, tower


I really like this photo. Caitlin took it without me knowing, and I think she did a pretty good job too. :)

Oh the colors...

Pondering on what she should do next.

I lOVE this photo of Caitlin. She is so pretty. :-)

Another one of my favorites. :)
Well, this concludes our sisterly photo time. I hope we will be able to do this again, it was a whole lot of fun. :)
-Out of all the pictures in this post and the last, what photo do you like best of Caitlin, and what one do you like best of me? -
I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as we enjoyed taking the pictures!

Sister Photography fun...

Trust me, this is more difficult than it looks.

(Photos edited by-Jessica)

Before Jessica..... there was a.....Caitlin. *SHOCK* *GASP* Yes, as amazing as that's true.
A few years back, Caitlin was the only one in our family who had a nice camera. She did not get to enjoy it for long, because there was a problem with it,...causing it to be completely useless. This seems like a tragic story...but it is not the end. Caitlin, the triumphant hero, identifies the problem, creates a tool out of a simple paper clip, then, after a whole lot of poking about, she miraculously gets it to work!!! *drum roll please*
Now I have one more person to take pictures with, and a billion more pictures to edit. :-p

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Barn (chicken house)

Papa, Caitlin, and I worked most of the day on the barn. Mainly completing the roof and wall. Looks pretty good, hu? :)

A wonderful walk outside~

I like the rusty barbed wire

Mushrooms are so cute!

Spiders!!! *gasp*

The background is pretty

This picture reminds me of some ''elvish'' woodland, with all of the tall trees twisted at the top. :)

Today we staked the wood we received from the Berkompas'.

Oh, the yellows...

I loved the color in this one. Though very creepy, I admit that spiders are "sort of" neat looking.

And lets top it all off with a mushroom head. :)
I really enjoy a nice walk up and down our drive way. add a little more color....driving the quad as fast as I can! Yep, life is good, so I'll keep on enjoying it!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Orange Flower


(I took this one in a boat)


 On Sunday we had the pleasure of having the Sturtevant family over for dinner. We had a whole lot of fun, riding the quad, listening to music while crocheting, talking, talking pictures, and watching slideshows.
~Thank the Lord for such wonderful friends as these! ~

Levi's frog...

I had a whole lot of fun with this little fella. :) Since he was "mostly dead" (thanks to Levi) it was not that difficult to get an 'okay' shot of him. He just stood right where I put him!

I really liked this photo.

And this was my mom's favorite, because everything is blurry but the really cool eye.


Ridiculous frog picture...I know. :)

I was getting ready to take another shot of the frog, which I have now called, "Dumme Frosk" meaning 'dumb frog' in Norwegian, when it jumped, and scarred me half to death. Of course Levi thought it was hilarious...   :/