Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A walk in the rain

A few days ago, Monday to be exact, my Grandparents came for a visit. First, to spend time with us, and Second, to give, and help up set up, a new computer. Yippee!!! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!!! After all the set up was done, Grandpa, Papa, and all us kiddos took a walk up our drive and down some of our roads. Grandpa has a tradition with us kids, when we go on a walk. I remember doing this with him when I was a little girl...Honking at trucks. We would either go on the bridge across the freeway and honk them, or on the side of the road. I always remember feeling so...happy when they would honk at me. A small little girl, on the top of a huge bridge, honking these massive trucks below.  -so sweet.

The little kids had an ABSOLUTE blast! But if you take a closer look at their hands, it looks like they were wanting a ride! See their thumbs? No....we are not hitch-hikers. ;o)

Awww, isn't this so sweet? Marcus is holding the hand of his younger sister, to make sure she is safe when they cross the road. Precious moments...

After the honking at the Trucks we looked at this-

-It is right down the road. Pretty neat.
Then it started to rain....
I actually like walking in the rain. I think it is really nice. Even though my hair is wet and gross looking, and my skirt is clingy...I still enjoy it. Don't you think it is calming, and refreshing? To hear the soft, "splash, splash," of the raindrops falling on the ground, and the breeze that comes with it? God sure made a miraculous world!  And I love it all, rain, or shine, cold or warm.

Trampoline fun

On Sunday the Seiferts came over to pick up their truck...meanwhile all of the kiddos jumped on the trampoline. :) -such fun.


Go Anna!

You can never have too-much-fun with a trampoline.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Craft time with the kiddos

While my parents, Felicity, Marcus, and Caitlin were gone, the kiddos and I sat down and had craft time. We, well, in the above photo, I, put together this photo collage for my Grandparents. The kiddos helped me pick out the photos. :)

This is what the kiddos REALLY did. :) I cut out the shapes and they decorated them in Fall colors and designs, then I put their photo on them, along with their name. Cute, hu?
It was really fun to just sit down, and spend some fun time with the kiddos. To create a memorable relationship with them while they are young, that they will fondly remember when they are older. :)

My little kitten

Whenever our "mother cat" has a litter, all of us kiddos pick out a kitty and hope that it is the one we are going to keep. This time, it was mine. :) Yep, isn't she just simply beautiful?!?! The prettiest little kitty I  have ever seen. I named her, "Mary Lou." Yes, I know, it is a human name. But it was soooo cute, that I just couldn't resist! Those sweet little eyes of her just look right through me...she is going to be one spoiled cat!!

This is Alainna's kitty....and we hardly ever get to hold her. Why? Well, "Alainna's Kitty" should explain it for you. :) You would wonder why all the kitties run away when Alainna, Levi, or Jacob approach.....

And this is Caitlin's Kitten, "Josie." Whom I like to call, "Josie May." A much prettier name if you ask me. She is pretty too.  

So, those are the kittens we have right now. All pretty, all fluffy, and all little. Just the way I like them. :)
Which is your favorite?

Fall Photos

Fall Photo #1
~Bright leaves against the ivy covered tree~

Fall Photo #2
~Reflection in the water~

Fall Photo #3
~Red Leaf with white lines~

Fall Photo #4

Fall Photo #5

Fall Photo # 6
~Leaf covered stump~

Fall photo #7
~Red hot leaf~

Fall photo #8
~Fall rain drop~

Fall photo #9
~Cool leaf~

Which Photo portrayed "fall" the most to you? Rate the Photo in a Comment, I'd love to hear from you!!

Duck Hunting #3

Caitlin shot this beautiful Green Winged Teal drake.

~The Ducks of the Day~

And the Hunters! This was Felicity's second time Duck Hunting. And they all sure had fun!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

"fancy" dinner with the Seiferts

"With food on our table and Friends at our door, we know we have much to be thankful for."

We had scrumptious lasagna, home-made Italian bread sticks, fancy fresh green beans, wine, and  milk.

And for dessert, I made Lemon Dreams. They are SO very good! It is a lemon cupcake, with fresh lemon frosting, filled with lemon pie filling. (the stuff that you usually get in donuts. ) And to top it off with a small wedge of real lemon, sprinkled with confectioners sugar. It will -melt-in-your-mouth-. Guaranteed.

After the fancy dinner, we all headed up the the "theatre room," to watch "How to train your Dragon," with candy....yummm.
Thanks be to the Lord for Food, Friends, and Family.

Over 100 years old

Last Friday Papa and I dug this pair, (other wheel attached, but not shown) of really old wheels out of the woods. we researched about it and found that they are over 100 years old, and made right after the Civil War. Pretty amazing, hu? It has cedar wood in the middle, handmade nails, and square bolts. Defiantly old! Right now they are decoration beside our drive, past the bridge to our house. If you come to our house any time soon, look to your right, and there they will be. 100 years old and counting.

Comming soon...

A post! *cheer*
I have around 300 photos on my camera right now, that I need to go through, edit, and post. So, stay tuned, more is yet to come!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our New Trampoline

Flipping Marcus.

They both did a flip at the same time. :o) I thought this photo was cute/funny.

Marcus was showing me some of his, "cool" flips. I am, Lord willing, going to take more photos of him doing this during the day time....not at night as is shown above. :o)

...Getting a little too excited there Marcus.

Marcus is really Athletic.

You can see that our old one is now completely un-usable. :o)
Thanks Papa and Mama for the Trampoline!!!
Your Kiddos

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Levi's first Duck Hunt

He was absolutely thrilled to wake up at 5:00am.  
 The wing of a wood duck hen, a fairly difficult bird to bag on the refuge we have been told.

They caught a real live green wing teal! Caitlin took it in as a pet. :o) That Duck is absolutely beautiful!!!
For a total of 1 wood duck hen, 1 pied billed grebe (often mistaken as 'Coot.') , 2 bufflehead hens, and 1 green wing teal hen. Pretty good if you ask me! Levi sure had a blast.