Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elk Lake 2012

This Summer, we've done many things. But none of them equal the joy and adventure I experienced at Elk Lake, Devil's Lake, and Hosmer Lake in Bend this Month. Every day was spent fishing, swimming (the water was like bath water it was so warm!), sunning on the docks, paddling around on our paddle board, eating...a lot, riding bikes, and in the evening us girls would- explore, climb rocks, compete in anything we could think of, sneak, sing, talk, and...well, why am I standing here telling you what we did?! You've heard the saying- "A picture is worth a thousand words" and I'm afraid I have more than enough pictures to complete a novel, so let's let the pictures explain everything, shall we?

**Btw, I'd grab a piece of chocolate and tea in a tea cup if I were you. There are is a large bushel of photos waiting to attack you.

My Mother...Isn't she the most beautiful thing you ever did see?
And my Papa. He is the handsomest, strongest, and most loving Papa that ever breathed. May God continue to bless both of my Parents.


No makeup, hair a mess, and loving it? Absolutely.
If you're wondering if us Kochs were suffering food wise, that would be a negative. Camping food was pretty scrumptious.

In the evening us girls would go to Hosmer Lake with the Dads, and while they were fly fishing, we would explore the shoreline and climb rocks---

(above) Me.

This is a story of how I died. (almost) But don't's a good story. So here is how all the pain, and suffering, and turmoil (not to mention triumph) began- Caitlin. That's all I need to say. Caitlin, with a capital 'C'. She got the butterfly of and idea in her head to attempt an arch on top of a large spiky rock. Sadly for me, she accomplished her crazy attempt. I knew exactly what that meant. If I wasn't able, or too chicken to do the same thing, I would be a pathetic slug. So I did it. Even though I am deathly afraid of heights, too!
I love sisterly compitition.
(above) Caitlin.

This is a little wee bit of heaven. Right here. Pause and take a deep breath. Can't you imagine how glorious it would feel to stand on a rock, and view this incredible scene of God's breathtaking creation.


Levi- expert fisher, hunter, bird catcher, and anything like a "lost boy".

Free taxi.

"Nemo, you can't listen to it. It's too scary for you.."
Babysitting some of the cutest kids...

While I babysat the kiddos on shore, I started feeding them beef jerky that magically turned into all sorts of snails, snake meat, octopus, cockroaches, eyeballs, rat...etc. It kept thier attention like nothin' else.

< I would love to do this someday! Write our names in stone, that will never fade away.

There is nothing colder than fresh mountain's so cold that it feels like your feet start to swell uncontrolably, icy needles stick in your feet, and a freezing chill is sent up your spine and somehow gives you a brian freeze. It is SO cold!!

Reminds me of a fairy woodland.

 That's all for now folks! I hope all was enjoyed.