Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little things, of little consequence.

 I am sitting here pondering the beauty of home life. How every routine your family completes every day, fills you with such fulfillment and joy. It shapes who you are, what you think, and what you do. Kind of scary, am I right? The kind of culture that you make in your home, shapes your children. The way you eat, the way you dress, the way you talk to one another, what you do in your free time, and the way you go about life. It's the small things, that might seem irrelevant, that really do make a difference. I am reminded of how beautiful, how bold, and how mighty these little daily routines really are.

I was going through my pictures on my camera, and found all those "of little consequence" photos. So I thought I'd share! Giving you a peek at some of those little things we do, that make us who we are.

Teaching the kids is a major part of our everyday life. And a major joy.
 At our house, Levi is the first one up. He either wanders around the house, playing with toys, reads books on the couch, wakes up all the kids, or makes us breakfast. (toast, and canned fruit.) He is quite the busy little body. One morning, as Papa and I were getting ready to go work out, Papa noticed that Levi drew on his leg. Now, obviously that is a big "no, no" around here. We looked closer, and this is what we saw----
 ----He wrote "hurt" and the arrow pointing to the circle he drew around his "owie." ---And, just in case he needed to be specific, he drew a tiny circle inside the big one. Levi is truly the most hilariously,  curious boy I've known!
 J.Q. is our adorable little helper.
Food, oh glorious food! We all adore you!
Look at what was sitting in one of our trees. I always feel so patriotic when I look at this bird. It's so noble.
This is the reflection I saw in my tea, as I was sitting at the  table with my family one evening. Yes, it's just a light, but I do love reflections...   :)

If you could sum up one of the things that brings my heart such joy, in one photo...this would be it. Oh my days...this would be it. Sitting in the warm, glorious sun, with a cup'a tea,  a fresh, white, blank paper before my eyes, and an army of pencils at my side. All you would need to add is some James Taylor, and chocolate. (A rose too, if you must.) This...oh, this.
Don't be green with might get broken. :)
My Siblings. Aren't they just a flash back of what I used to be like? -Uh, yes. Who wouldn't want to be the "Lord of the trees?" The imagination of the little minds... It reminds me of the quote- "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales." The ferns were quite creative....  :)

We had the roof to the new addition put on this week. These guys were incredibly fast workers!

Levi. Oh, here we go again. This guy can catch almost anything small with his bare hands. Birds, and all.
Yes, it's alive. It was set free after it was rushed to every member of the family with the glorious story of his victory.
Crafting is lovely. Even if some of my endeavors don't turn out, I love to try new things. I thought of making my own tea tags, and had a blast doing so!

ANNNNDD, I have finally drawn on a mug with sharpies! I've wanted to, for -oh-so-long! I've learned from some mistakes...namely, I used gold sharpie for this, but when I baked it (to set the ink permanently) it came out rather silvery, grey. It still works, but I'm guessing there should be another way to have it turn out gold..Still figuring that one out!
Just to add a bit of cheer. :)  *tweet, tweet*
Crafts are not only what have been taking some of my free time...drawing is always my number one "go to" for times when I find myself free. Just a couple pictures I've done this month. (minus one, I finished some months ago...but still love it. :))

I got some colors for Christmas, and doodled with them as Papa read our favorite fiction book- "The song of Albion."
 I'm not entirely proud of this one, of Thor. I could have done a better job, but got bored of drawing him! And you know how that goes, -once you're're done! :)

 This is the only one I didn't draw this month. I drew it last summer, but still love it. :) For some reason...I LOVE drawing eyes! They are so magnificent.

 Just finished this one last week. I felt like drawing something whimsical while Papa read "our book." :) And this is the first time I've tried my hand at drawing a something new in drawing. Though- I can honestly say, I detest drawing animals. (not really "detest" ..but definitely not a fan.:))
 I actually finished this one this week, but am too lazy to take a photo of it to show you. It was another one of my favorites though...if that helps. :)
Little things...that make up who we are.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tilfeldige (random) posts of life.

Don't you just love all those random nothings? I can tell you one thing...I do! It's those little things you do everyday, that shape who you are. Your family culture.
Progress is coming along with our new building project. It is going to be a massive, huge, ginormous, entertainment room above! I am pretty excited about it. :)

 Ford trucks....what a beautiful sight. *heart melt*
 Papa- teaching his boys how to build. So precious.

 Our frozen little garden. Can't wait until Spring, so we can start planting!!

 Christmas dinners, we held it upstairs this year. My, oh my. What a fabulous time we had!

 These calm, so kind, so...easy to watch..right?

 We gave 12 kids candy....what were we thinking?!?! ;)
 You know all of those Photo-shoots I take with Alainna, or little girls? I just thought it would be fun to keep it real. They aren't picture perfect models for every picture. It actually gets quite hilarious, because they are such energetic little girls, and keeping them still is kind of a chore. Especially when they're together. :) I thought I'd share some photos of "behind the scenes."

Anyhow, though this post may be random, it's true. It's our life. --and I really do love it. ;)