Thursday, June 30, 2011

Potato man

 It looks like he is playing some sort of instrument. :)
 Love the expressions here.
While I was pealing potatoes for dinner, Nickolas, who is always underfoot, picked up a fallen potato and started to eat it! -wow- He's such a little stink.

Our growing garden-

 Here's our corn. We just planted them all today, after they've been in the green house for a while.
 They look so perfect!
 Look at those radishes! Super long, and red. We have finished harvesting  them all today.
The Lord has blessed us with a bountiful harvest, for which we are very thankful.

The new bridge

 As you can see, building a bridge is quite a big accomplishment.

This is what the bridge looked like before. I still think it looks cool, but the new one is far cooler!!

 That's Caitlin-
 -So is that.

 In progress...

 Finished! So, how does it look? I think it looks absolutely amazing!

The bridge was a lot of work, and definitely worth it. Papa did an amazing job.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I love this photo. 

Comings and goings-

Well, we've been incredibly busy lately. Mainly getting ready for the fourth of July, packing for camping, and building our new bridge. But through all this, I've been reminded of the joy in hard labor. When you work from the moment you wake to dark, rest feels so much more fulfilling. You have such a satisfied mind, and know that you have accomplished something. Work is good.

Pictures will come of the new bridge later. It's amazing!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weird Photography

I like to take weird photography. Something that is completely out of the ordinary, and rarely seen. I like to look around a dull room, and try to think of something creative to take photos of. Sometimes this does not work, but I think it's good practice to creating a creative mind.
What's this? Well, my friend, I was getting bored waiting for everyone else to finish eating lunch, so I took a photo down my pop straw. I know, weird, right? But I kind of like the way you can see pop bubbles down the straw that goes into nothingness.

Ocean Conference

Last Friday and Saturday my family and I went to the Ocean Conference, with my Grandparents. It was an absolute blast. Vodie Baucham is by far, my favorite speaker.

 I also met up with this little fella, Nathaniel. I don't remember his last name, but I think he played in "Runner from Ravenshead." He was just too cute!! I absolutely love little kids!
 This was his brother, and I'm so upset I didn't catch his name...but he's a cutie too, just like all the rest of his siblings.
People, people, people, as far as the eye can see!!

Well, that was a blast, and I look forward to the Conference next year!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A few favorites

 "Haylee in the hay field"
 "Country Haven"

 "To the moon"
 "on the horizon"
"Lion's mane"


I've been looking though some of my photos from the past, (when I did not have an editor) and there were a lot that I fell absolutely in love with. Most of all the last one, and first one. :) Which are your favorites? And why?

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I love rain. I like to listen to the rain when I'm in bed, and simply let my thoughts soar. It is so relaxing, the sound of rain. You can just let all the troubles of the day be erased from your mind, as you listen to each drop plop on your roof. Rain is a good thing. Thank the Lord for it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy for Friends

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SilverStar 2011

 We had planned our annual Silverstar hike on June 18th, and rain or shine we were going to go! I am really happy we went. This was one of my most favorite, and adventure-filled hikes I've ever been on. Seriously.
Why? Well, though it rained the whole time, there were so many other things that I absolutely loved. First, there was an overabundance of lilies, and wildflowers, which I had a great time picking. Second, we got to hike in the clouds, and see all of the rocks come out of the clouds ahead of us, so it kind of looked like we were in "the Lord of the Rings" or something. Third, we got to hike in the snow with shorts on. And to tell the absolute truth I LOVED it!!! I like doing things out of the ordinary. Fourth, we met some old OPC friends up there, after it had been YEARS since we have seen each other, and what a time to meet up again, on Silverstar in the rain and snow? Amazing. Here are a few snapshots I took-
(I was not trying to be creative. It was raining, so I took my camera out for a few seconds, then put it RIGHT back in my pocket.)
 Heather and I.   - Best friends-
 Some lilies. I think they are called, yellow trout lilies.
 Hiking into the clouds-
(Don't we look like the Hobbits?)

 Traditional "Papa pointing out our course."

 There were a few parts where we had to do some serious cliff climbing.
(Just joking)

 See that pile of tarp? That's Jon. He was not very well prepared for the rain, and was really cold. He took it like a man though.

 -proof that I wore shorts, got completely soaked, and loved it.-
 Meet, the adventurous group!

Wild flowers.

What an adventure! Usually we only hike in the best conditions possible, which is always nice, but sometimes it is good to see what things look like when it rains and is stormy. Both are simply amazing. The only regret that I have, concerning the hike, is that we did not bring sleds! That's okay though, because the hike was just as fun without them.

So, what did we do when we got home? Well, we had some hot coco, then went back out in the rain to play volleyball. Might as well make a good end of it, right?

Thank the Lord, for another wonderful adventure that I can't wait to tell my future children!