Monday, May 31, 2010


I taught this little thing to Jacob when he was around one. It is so cute when he does it. :)


My calendar :p

I love this picture, which was in my calendar. I just thought I'd share.:)


I am not sure what Saturdays are like for you, but ours are filled with getting ready for the next day, the LORD's day. I usually end up cooking, which I love to do, and this time I tried an experiment with.....leaves. Ya, it might seem weird, but I was really happy with the out-come. I painted the rose leaf, which I washed, don't worry, with melted chocolate, then put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes. After this, I peeled the leaf off, slowly, and then this majestic chocolate leaf was revealed. You can see every detail in the leaf, it was amazing!

Okay, I messed this one up...but it is still cool never-the-less. :)
Then I placed the 'leaves' in a flower formation on a brownie cake thing I made. Along with some swirls.
I had originally wanted to make a rose with fondant, and then have the leaf on the side...but I did not have that much time. :)
More later!

The difference between Levi and Jacob


And Levi.

Then Jacob's face...

and Levi's face.

And lastly, but NOT least, Jacob...

And then Levi.
You can definitely see difference between these two. :)

Oh! And I can't forget this one. I think it is SO cute!

LOT'S O' FUN....

Papa, having fun with Jacob again. *smile* You'll laugh at what happens THIS time! ;p

Alainna's bracelet, up his nose. :) *lol* This was really funny because, first off, it is up his nose, and second off, because he was smiling for the camera, then he immediately went to doing his little, "frown." so.

*chuckle* I thought that this one was funny because the bracelet was swinging as he turned around to show everybody. :) :p
Man, Jacob is such a cutie. :)

Where I have been for the past week...

My desk...

Me, at my desk...

What I am at my desk for...

And how messy my desk can get, is all a result of studying for the Final of gileskirk. It was all hard, but good at the same time. :)

Okay, the BIG day. Thursday, at 1:00pm, I started my 28 page long test, which took me four hours and 20 minutes to complete. I was on the * chuckle* empty side of the room, which to me, seemed to be the 'fast side,' especially compared to the other 'side.' *huge smile*

Okay, this is AWFUL quality, not because of the photographer, which was a great friend, Rebecka Sturtevant, but because of my horrid camera. (I'm saving up for a new one) But nevertheless, it captures the wonderful memories. :)
Thanks Mrs. Berkompas for the wonderful four years of Gileskirk!

Babys, babys, babys

Wow, it's been a while. So many things have been happening around here. But first off, I will post about our newest blessing....Littlemus. In this photo he is yawning, oh so cute!  P.S that white stuff is his thrush, which thank the LORD is almost gone. :)
Awww, those little innocent eyes....

He is even adorable when he cries. :) We had put the 'thrush' medicine in his mouth, so that is why it is purple. :)

I love sepia, in this picture. :) Especially with the dots.

Thank the LORD for this little blessing. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What sisters with cameras are for...

Asleep...Therefore vulnerable to predators. *evil laugh*

While we were all at the table, eating, obiously, Papa saw little J.Q fall asleep. Perfect time for playing tricks, and having a little fun. ;) So the first thing he does is, put a peice of watermelon, (oversized I might add) HALF way into his mouth, and wiggle it around til he "wakes up." 
And you thought waking up to an alarm was bad! Jacob wakes up to, a Massive peice of watermelon hanging out of his mouth, and a table full of laughing sibs, AND Dad. :) But, he just sat there, no expressions, or anything, just sat there.
P.S. he was still "asleep."

Slowly falling asleep, as Papa is saying, "Your SO sleepy, your SO sleepy.." Over and over agian. :)

Next scene, he is asleep, WITH the watermelon, still in his mouth. *lol*  I don't know WHAT that little boy was thinking, just letting the watermelon stay...?

Yep, theres little boys for ya! ...Koch ones at that! :)
Ooooohhh, I jsut can't WAIT until I can show these pictures to his future bride...what fun that will be!
You're probably thinking, "poor kid." But hey! When he grows up to be a whole lot stronger and taller than me, I will STILL have a way to get to him! *lol*

:p Eyes...

Eye belongs to? Marcus. I just LOVE taking pictures of eyes. You might think it is weird, but I think that they are so pretty!!!
 P.S I call this one Fire and Levi's Electric blue. :)

This is Levi's. I LOVE the lines in the eye. SO beautiful!

Multnomah Falls

The Falls were REALLY beautiful when it was raining. :) As you can see.

This was the little restaurant that we went to for breakfast before we hiked up the falls. It was such a cute little place...kinda like a cottage. :)

This really cool table was in the waiting room. All carved wood...pretty creative. ;p

My Aunt Cindy, having a lot of fun with Nickolas. :)


It was all SO green!!!

 I liked this picture, of the falls, (though blurry) through the pillars of the Multnomah Falls bridge. I would have taken more to get a really clear picture, but it was a little crowded, and people wanted to get by...maybe another time. :)

That's ME!!!

Caitlin, as pretty as ever. :)
(P.S. it was raining the whole time, so we all had damp hair, and most of my pictures had rain drops on them, just to let ya know. :)

And thanks to my Aunt Cindy for this wonderful pic! Her and I had a whole lot of fun, taking pictures up there. SO many things to take pictures of and be creative with.
Thanks to the LORD for another wonderful adventure!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More of littlemus...

Isn't this picture just the sweetest thing? *clear of throat* Yes,  I did take it, thank you. :)

We are all just having an absolute BLAST with our new baby brother. :)
*chuckle* Yep, he's a porky pig alright!