Saturday, January 30, 2010

What happened this past week...

Well, I tried to take pictures of myself, with the flower pin that Heidi gave me, so these next 3 pictures are for you Heidi! ;)
Actually, not this one, I just experimented with taking pictures by my self, by putting the camera on a shelf or something, and then it will take 3 pic's while you pose. kind of hard, but I can manage! :)
Last one for you Heidi. Thanks for the clips, I love them!!!
I absolutely LOVE cooking, probably got it from my dad! Here are some fun Photo's of me cooking bread~
(Above) I just got home from work, and then I rolled up my sleeves and got to baking! Oh, the love of making bread!
My rolls, I did the rolls so that you can pull them apart like cinnamon rolls, just a fun thing for the kids! ........Moms, your kids would LOVE it! ;p
My, "head of wheat" bread. Cute. <3
I don't like this one, but I guess it is fine.
I love taking pictures, but I never really try any pictures of just things, like where you organize it and then take a here are my very first ones trying it!

......................too cute!
This is the rolls when they are finished. They look wonderfully golden brown!
This one did not really turn out like a cinnamon roll, but I like the swirls. :-)
And now you know why I called this loaf the, "head of wheat." It looks so good! Can't wait to eat away! :-p
Now you know why I did not like THIS one. It looks awe-full! The only thing that made me feel better is that it tasted good.
Just some pic's of the Fam....J.Q. with his......gun;p and this cute bib. "Look alive Jacob!"
This was funny, Alainna tried to put a shirt on, which is fine, until she puts it on as pants! She had them on all night, just put a belt around the waist before she went to bed. Silly goose!
............Really silly!
My Grandma came into town and then took our parents out to a nice dinner, then the next morning she took our whole family out to breakfast and bowling. Too fun! GOD gave us an AMAZING grandma!
She was being a little silly in this picture, but she is really beautiful, in the heart as well on the out-side. I love you Grandma! <3
J.Q. doing a little pose for the camera, with my glasses on, Marcus' hat on, and Levi's shirt on, he was good to go!
Levi had to do a little something too! But this is not his style. ;-p
Our new van, we put more things on top, like yakkama racks on and such, but I am really glad we got this van!
All of the girls at the Gileskirk movie night, that was really fun, thank you Mack's for putting all this together!

Well, this was our week, busy but EXTREMELY fun! Oh, and we also had Jonathan and Chelsea, and the Gauls over on Saturday. Which was really fun too! I thank the LORD for giving us a wonderful life, filled with amazing memories!

Monday, January 25, 2010


This is Levi alright! (Not all of the time, of course!)
This was hilarious!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

J.Q.'s song~

This is Jacob once again! ;-)
In this video, he is singing a song. And we translated it to be....Caitlin is annoying.
If you are used to baby talk, I think that you will agree. He sings it all of the time now.
Just thought I'd share!


Jacob always says cheese when ever I point the camera at him. He is too cute!
....I know, his nose needs to be wiped, but the end is so cute!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Catus was all over the ground, up top the cliff. I thought that it was really neat.
A really cool bees nest.
Breath taking views on top the cliff~
Caitlin taking in the views.
Bugs bunny~
AMAZING Montana storms! Simply wonderful! Warm howling wind, and bright lighting. Watching this in a rocking chair on a porch makes you want to praise GOD for his out standing creation!....which we did!
Hope you enjoyed the posts, although they are not new, I really enjoy looking back.

A really cool picture!

This was taken in 2008, I thought that it was really neat!

A cute picture of Rebbcca Berkompas~


J.Q. can wink too....

Push the nose to get a wink...

There is a cowboy in the house!

And he's got his guns! J.Q. is our own little cowboy. From running up and down the hallway on his fake horse, to blowing his guns after un-ending use.
We love you J.Q.!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clearing the land~

Pulling the rope, to pull down a tree. {above}
Marcus is tying a rope to the tree so that the tree will not fall down on the
We cleared out the hill going down to the cows pasture, and it looks so nice! Our own miniature rolling hill! Oh, for the love of the Country!


Well, if Levi had a beard when he was 1 year old, then J.Q. needs to shave!
He wanted to see what shaving was like so he asked Papa. ;-p here are the hilarious results~

My Grandpa's object~

I thought that this was really cute! <3

A cute saying I found on a babies T-shirt~


Miss laundress...


Oh! I see! I asked Alainna, our helper, to transfer the laundry and I came in there and found her thus~
She is an adorable!

Up the nose

At the dinner table Jacob found out that he could make everyone laugh when he put his finger up his nose. He did this little pose for me~

A little fun with J.Q.

"Spoon? Spoon?"
"Not yet Jacob."
"Piece? Piece?"
"Oh! You are so cute! I guess you can have the spoon!"
Yep! Jacob knows how to make his sissy's spoil him! ;-p
Especially when he gives you faces like this! A cute, little innocent look.....Too cute!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Last week my parents and me went to Presbytery, in Seattle. I enjoyed it very much! Here are a couple pictures of the Church~

This is a stone fireplace that was in the eating hall. This is the sanctuary, where the meetings were held.
My beautiful mother~

It is really amazing getting together with pastors and elders from various places.
May the LORD continue to strengthen his Church, and love his servants.