Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Elk Lake: Heaven on earth.

Every year, we go to our favorite spots on this blessed earth: Elk Lake, Hosmer Lake, Green Lakes and Devil's Lake. All at once. One could die from all the beauty that flows from those mountains! The smell of the crisp mountain air, the glory of the trees and the peace that only places such as these can give. I don't know what it is about the mountains...they're so filling. It's that feeling you get, when you feel the most alive. That's one the the reasons I love camping. It's in my heart, and in my soul. Take it away and I might die.

The most terrific place...almost ever. And here is why-
*angelic voices* O, waterfall of such beauty...wilt thou flow next to me all mine days?
Hey, hey good lookin'! You mountain girl, you.

That smile melted the snow on path, so we could travel through, on dry land. ( not really, but it is a pretty cute one non the less. ;))

We are Kochs. With Kochs...come great adventures.

The wonderful thing about camping is, you don't have to worry about matching your clothes, fixing your hair up nice, or putting all your makeup on. Just be comfortably you. After all, the trees won't care. ;)

There is almost nothing as magical as being roasting hot, with snow all around you. It's that moment when you feel caught in a time, between times.

CRISP!! CLEAR!!! ----I have a confession....I've always wanted to die here. When I'm 96 years old, I'm going to hike all the way up here, and die overlooking this very sight. Even if I have to ride a cow...I'm going to get there!

See this picture? (...i hope you do...but..) This picture, is the definition of pure happiness, that words cannot express. Where the glory of nature surrounds, and overcomes you in an overwhelming flood, swirling around your senses, leaving you lost in the pure splendor of the moment. I've never felt closer to God, than I was on that mountain.


And thus, the magical gold dust painted the sky...and all of nature fell under it's spell, in silence and awe.

Please tell me I'm dreaming....

Camp fire smoke gracefully lingered in the solitary trees, as the reflection painted the lake blue, and sent the forest into a hibernation of peace.
Walking back from the bathroom...oh, yeah! That girl has got STYLE!
Gotta love those no-makeup days..comfortably me. In nature. ----nature only though, please. -Yikes.
People want to travel all over the world, to see places like this. Here...I could live and die. God delights in beauty, as is evident.

I'm sorry for my hopelessly romantic side..but don't you feel the...glory in this photo? It's like a feeling that can only be expressed in Norwegian...and yet, I don't even know Norwegian. But I don't know a word in English that quite touches the emotion I feel about campfires, and a big, white moon.

Where the fish..die. Yup. Pretty much just die. We come. They die. It's a fact of life.

Josh's first fish.--he was so excited, he didn't know exactly what to do! :) From hence fourth, he is a fisherman. No longer a city guy. You're not a complete man, if you haven't caught a fish. It's a necessity.

And we went back home. That's the end. Sorry to not have a better ending for our little story here. We still live, and we're happy...but we didn't live there ever after. And that's a downer.