Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Smith Rock

Alrighty here. I'm going to do a little cheat, and paste a link to my Smith Rock photos. But don't fret, it's better than normal links. First of all, it's mine. And secondly, it's in a story-like form. Kind of fun, and different. This won't be a tremendously normal habit, but when photos are overwhelming me like an avalanche...I will do this. And I will do it good.
Here is the link-
...pause as you take in the moment...

                                Smith Rock

A little bit of something to do with everything tremendous.

Oh my. I feel like a terrible blogger right now. Not posting for months shouldn't be acceptable. I have had the most terrific summer so far. It has seriously been on of the best. Eagle Crest and Elk Lake. Paddle boards, and volleyballs. Friends, and food. Oh, the food....
Today, I will catch you all up on our little trip to Eagle Crest that we took several months ago. I took ever-so-many photos, so I only edited a few, and will only post a percentage. But, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I love Oregon.

 These two things make me most tremendously contented. Starbucks Hazelnut Frappe, and my journal. I am as happy as a bird with a french fry. (and that's really happy)
 Our view from our balcony off of the dining room. It makes you want to sprout wings and fly.
 My Sister and I. --We enjoy each others company.
So---we went on a walk. This wasn't just any walk. It was a walk that actually makes you happy and is pleasant. Not a walk in the rain; where mud and bugs get splattered up your pants, and the water dripping from your hair makes your mascara run. This was a walk in the sunshine. A walk with family. A walk...where we explore and name new territory. -it's what every walk should be. 

Me, with darker hair! What do you guys say? Blonde, or dark?
 My Brother. He's already figured out what poses are the coolest. 

 Oh, how happy I am to be a part of this wonderful group of people.

 Fishing. It's what we do.

 One of the evenings we played basketball. The resort had this nice outdoor court. (oh! By the way- that's MY Dad!! He looks like a pro. :))

 " Don't worry, guys. -I got this."

 Nickolas looks like he's rubbing it in to Levi, that he gets to hold Grandpa's hand. -What a stinker.

I actually threw one of those things. After five million and fifty thousand trillion tries....I finally got it in the hoop. (Just kidding. It DID take longer than my pride would like to admit, but we're all real here, so I'll be true. I. was. pathetic.)

This deer was nice. His name is Timberline Fudge. He likes our family snacks. (actually, his name is just deer. I made up that name on behalf of my whole family...purely two seconds ago. It was a monumental moment.)

My family!! I wouldn't want anyone else for a family. These people are my very best friends, and....they all look really cool. ;)

I would drive that. That's all I have to say..

There was this ice cream guy there who gave us all free Popsicles. We really like that guy..
Hallelujah! Look at that view!! Oh man...If I was a King, I would definitely set up my kingdom here.

Who can go to the snow, and not cream somebody in the ear with a freezing cold, dripping wet, soggy, and positively unpleasant ball of snow? If you ever find a person like that, you are charged with the solemn duty to make sure they taste what a wonderful thing that is. Sometimes you just have to educate people about what is a really cool thing to do.

Levi...you are a wonder to me.

I will end this tremendously long, and tiring post with a picture of what to expect next:  Pictures from Smith Rock. It was...I'll save that for later. Just know that you won't want to miss it. And, I have a load, and a billion of more things to share with you all about. I have never had this much to catch up on, but I count it as a pure joy!
Thanks for looking at this long thing. You may now pry your fingers from the down button, and blink your eyes a million times to get reacquainted with natural light. What computers can do to you...it's crazy.