Friday, June 22, 2012

Orange Almond Pound Cake

I just recently made this pound cake, and had a blast taking photos of it. I think this was one of the best. I just really liked the "snow" on the lemons. It looked so...magical.


Last week Papa took all us kiddos out fishing up the river. I love going fishing with Papa and my siblings. My favorite fishing, is what we call "adventure fishing." That's when there are only us bigger kids, and we explore up and down the river, through the woods, and find the best fishing spots, barefoot. It's the best thing in the world to me.

I haven't writen much in this post, so pictures will have to do. :) All to be said, we had a lovely time.

Working man's boots

Constructing a new patio

 I am so thrilled to be back doing something "construction" like again! It just brings back so many fond memories of building our house, the appartment, the barn...etc. We are now building a new patio for the appartment. First, we had to raise the roof because it was far too short, then the next day (Wednesday) we started laying the wall of cinder blocks. That REALLY hurt your back! My job was bringing the blocks over, and leveling the ground. Not nearly as hard as what Papa was doing! He is a stong man.

 Perfectly level..all the way around.

 Done for the day. Lookin' good!

That is one day's labor. Many more to come--

Life as I love it

Busy, is what us Kochs have been as of late.
Our Parents came back home from their vacation last Tuesday night, and the very next day we went to barkdust a large association. We ended up spreading a total of 80 yards amongst 46 homes. Thankfully we had a lot of help from some boys from Church. Thursday, Caitlin, Anthony, Papa and I went back and spread 10 more yards of bark, pulled out bushes, and pruned some things. Then Friday was our regular maintenance day.
Lots of blessed work! I love work though. -I just love it.

Anywho, you guys probably only look at my blog for the I won't keep you waiting. :) Enjoy!-

We cleaned house for my parents to come home, and took a few pictures. :)


Work! It was such a fun work day! We had the help of Zach, Anthony, Josh, and Meshack--a very animated group. :)
 The girlie girls.

The guys.

We came home to a wonderfully scrumptious dinner, and a fabulous dessert made by my Grandmother.

Saturdays are our spotless cleaning days. Now, usually, kids don't really LIKE cleaning. (shocking, I know.) So, this Saturday I was in charge, and I found a solution to that. I soon found the kiddos coming to me, begging me for another chore.

Awww, don't they look SO cute! Even little Nickolas is in line and saying, "Reporting for duty Ma'am!"

This is my beautiful Sister and Friend. She is always so kind and encouraging to me. I don't know what I would do without her!! I love her to pieces.

I made a list of naughty and nice points for the kiddos. They always love to see the good points fill the page.  (yes, yes...I do make weird names for things. :))

Nickolas was babysitting Tenacious Turk and Critter.

I painted a few more paintings. Personally, I like the one to the left. It looks like a field in early morning fog. *sigh* Which one do you prefer?

This was the punishment the kiddos had if they were being snots while I was in charge. I set a bar stool in the middle of the kitchen with a big sign, and they would have to stand on it with one a flamingo. I don't think I ever had to use it, thankfully. Because if I did, I think I would either feel bad for them, and let them get off easy...or I would laugh till I burned 100 calories.

For their chores--  Here is how this thing works- The kiddos get to choose a chore, they take the sticker off and put it above their name, (meaning that it is pending completion) and if they think they are done, they come and have me inspect, and if they did a good job, they put the chore under their name and choose another one. The thing I love about this, is 1. they have competition to see who can stack the chores up the longest, and 2. they actually 'fight' for chores and ask me to make more so they can beat the other person, and 3. the work gets done! I just go around with a sticky pad and if I see a mess, I wright it down and stick it to the board, then they clean it up! (of course I do the 'deeper' cleaning after them, but I think it is good for kids to work.)

Can I have a big hand for Levi?!?! He spotlessly cleaned the dinning room in 20 minutes. Washed chairs, mopped, swept, washed the table, pushed in the chairs..etc. Good job!!
 Now that the fun of the chores has ended, I made a picture from an old piece of wood I found in the shop. This is when I really wish I had a cricut. I had to draw and hand cut the letters out. (that's why they are so un-even.)

*deep breath*
-wow- that was a long post! (or, at least it felt like it.)
I hope all was thoroughly enjoyed. :)
Thanks for reading,