Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blueberry lemon drizzle bread.


New baking book!

My Papa just bought me a baking book last week, and I LOVE it!!! He is so sweet. For no particular reason, other than the fact that he knew I loved to bake, and he loves me, he took me to Costco and bought this for me. *melting heart* He is so kind to me!!   I've spent so much time looking at all the recipes. I read it at night, in the car, and when I'm done with my chores. (I's a little much, but what can I say? It's such a fabulous book!)  I was finally able to make some things out of it yesterday. (will post on that later.)

My Papa is my hero. <3


Training your boys-

My Papa is very good at training his kids at a young age. He was working on his landscaping mower yesterday, and all of the boys instantly dropped their bikes and ran to help Papa. This is what they love. Helping Papa. They are being trained to love to work, and landscape. Even little Nickolas understands that he's going to be a landscaper some day! Now that is precious.



A water fountain thing in the Great Wolf Lodge.

Father and Daughter

I love my handsome Papa SO much!!!

The Great Wolf Lodge

This last Tuesday my Grandparents took my family and I to the Great Wolf Lodge! *cheer* I think this is the 3-4th time they have taken us there, and it is an absolute blast every time! It's like 80 degrees in there, (or...that's what it feels like) and there are so many different things you can do. We stayed there for two nights and three days- a pretty long time, really. We went on every single ride at least 8 times, went swimming in the wave pool, relaxed in the outside hot tub, had races, went shopping,  played basketball in the water basketball court, watched tv, lounged, met new people, made jokes, ate food, ran up and down stairs, relaxed some more, took pictures, ate junk food snacks and broke a few rules. Ahhh.... this is the life, right? We went on the Howling Tornado so many times that it was just like going on a kid ride in Disneyland. (It was still SUPER fun though. :) -I'm not complaining.) All 'n all....-we had a good time. Life is good.

Okay, as usual, I took far too many bear with me here as I try to hurriedly get these all posted. XD

 Uhhhh, yeah. I WAS there. ;D
 Watched a lot of "deadliest catch" and "19 kids and counting."
 The second day of our trip was.....*drum roll please* MY MOTHERS BIRTHDAY!!!! "happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Mother.....Happy birthday to you!" wa-hooo! We spent the day in the park, then later in the afternoon, we all took Mother shopping for jean skirts. In the end, we ALL got jean skirts. *chuckle* You gals know how that goes. :)
 Excuse my un-fixed hair, and hardly a stitch of makeup. There is no use in doing all that stuff if you're just going to go back in the water after dinner!
 What a HANDSOME man! My Papa is THE coolest guy I have ever seen in my life! I am extremely thankful to God for him!
 God has also placed such a beautiful, kind, and loving Mother in my life. I love her with all my heart. <3

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER!!!! We all love you VERY much, and are very appreciative of all you do for our family. You are just simply amazing. :) 

I'll get more photos out later. :) I took a bunch, hu?