Monday, September 30, 2013

The Woodland Princess

My little Sister just turned 9. Nine, people! The little round faced, giggling baby is turning into such a beautiful young lady.
On her birthday, I saw her romping around in the woods with a "bow." (translated; a piece of wood, with some hay bale string. -Yeah! She's country!) So I took her inside, and dressed her up as a "woodland Princess." Papa let her borrow a special bow that Grandpa Koch made, and we walked around our property, taking pictures. She. Is. Gorgeous.


Happy birthday to my precious Sister. 


My cousins and Sisters are so beautiful. Each and every one. I am so blessed to call these angels, family!
They all came over to celebrate my 18th birthday in September, so I took them all up to the field to take a photo-shoot of them. Who could help it? They all looked so lovely. :)

First, let me introduce you to them. (if you don't already know.)

Left; Blondie with green eyes- her name is Felicity. She is 15 years old, humble, and kind. (and yeah..she's my sister! yipee!)

Front middle; short dark brown hair with brown eyes- her name is Trinh Nguyen. She is 16 years old, calm, and kind.

Middle back; long brown hair with brown eyes- her name is Houng Nguyen. She is 14 years old, out going, and funny.

Right; blondie with brown eyes- her name is Baylee Greene. She is 15 years old, and a new member to the family!

And last, but not least, little Alainna. Typical Scandinavian with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 9 years old and as much of a crazy tomboy as she is a sweet, prissy little lady.

So...which was your favorite? Choose. Please do.

Silver Star 2013

Silver Star. It's a place you go to breathe. To re-energize. To feel the overwhelming flood of gratitude for nature. For the wonderful world our Lord has created.
The beauty of the immense, so free! So satisfying.
That's why I love to hike. I feel the swell of 'belonging' and an intensified gratefulness for purely living. Life is such a wonderful thing! Time goes faster than what you think, so live your life fully, and unto the Lord.

(below) See all of the bees surrounding Anna? She didn't get stung. :)

Adventure, recorded.