Monday, May 26, 2008


Jessica is a wonderful young lady. She loves the outdoors almost as much as she loves working inside the house. She usually spends her time cleaning and cooking and looking after/ playing with the little ones. She is a fun babysitter and makes the daily chores fun by playing livly music and making a game out of the chores. She is a wonderful cook and can be trusted with any meal. She loves being around the little girls at church and is usually followed by several each Sunday. She is a great daughter to have around.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


She had a great time hiking to Silver Star last summer
She is always excited for a new baby to come and loves holding them. She doesn't so much like changing diapers but usually does it without too much of a fuss.
She had a great time buggy boarding with her Papa last May in Texas

Felicity is a great help to me. She has really grown up. She loves to be with the family and do whatever her big sisters are doing. She wants to be just like them. She also likes to be with her grandfather. She takes art lessons from him and loves to help him get is groceries at Costco. I'm sure the ice cream she gets every time they go to Costco helps her motivation as well.
She will be 10 this July and we are looking forward to watching her become a capable and Godly young lady.


Marcus want's to be just like his dad.

Next is Marcus. Our first born son. We were all so excited to have a boy finally. He sure is all boy. He is a very sweet boy and tender hearted as well. He loves to work with Laurn when he can. He recently went on a couple of jobs with him. This week it was pulling weeds at an account. He was really excited when I picked him up because not only did he earn $2 whole dollars for 30 min of work, but he also go a frog. Marcus is great about playing with Levi and Alainna. He is a good big brother.