Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fiske in the merry month of May

My wonderful, ( ....wonderful seems like too weak and often used word to describe my Papa. Admirable, and magnificent don't even seem to cut it. :)) Papa hauled all of his puffy eyed offspring down to Daybreak to do a wee bit of "Fiske." (meaning; fishing, in Swedish.) We all simply adore fishing. It's in our blood you might say. All of us have held a fishing rod from the moment we could devour true, hearty food. Fishing is just what we do.
There is a myth about fishing;
Fishing is never just -
 "Hey! I caught a fish!"
"Awww, good job!"
"yeah, isn't he so cute?"
"He's the cutest one yet. "
"I think I'll just let him go...I couldn't stand the thought of eating such a beautiful creature.."
As they meander, simply chatting and living a calm, peaceful life..
Maybe that's the way some people fish...but not around here. Here, it's all about competition.
First mistake in the story above- If you catch a fish...keep it to your self. You don't want to tell everybody where the fish are. Secondly; You're not looking for the cutest one. You're looking for the biggest whopper  you ever saw in your life! And if you find one of those cutesy little fishies...throw it back before anybody sees you. 
Third; If you did, in fact catch a whopper...the first thing in your mind would be to eat your kill in front of as many people as you can, and do it with your bare hands, next to a glorious camp fire.

Now, even though fishing is a doesn't' really go that far. :) Since we are all honorable, God fearing Christians, we show love and kindness and self-less appreciation for another's victories, and remain humble when you...."win". :)
 Thanks for reading.

Ladies tea


 That's my Mom!! Isn't she the prettiest? I was so proud of her. :) She gave a talk about 'hospitality.'


I had a fabulous time. I'd like to thank many people for helping with making this possible. Mr. & Mrs. Seifert, my Mom, my sisters, Sarah Spiller, some of the Sturtevant gals, Marcus, Danny, Kirby, Anna, Mrs. White, Mrs. Sauseville, and many more. I love watching everybody hustle and bustle around, seeing what they can do to help. It's a glorious blessing.
Being here, at Westminster Presbyterian, is a blessing. :)