Sunday, August 29, 2010

WPC camping- last day :(

JQ got really mad that Caitlin cut up his food.

Man, I simply can't wait to get a photo editing program!!! Just imagine how much better this dull photo could look.
Such a cutie!
Boys will be boys...

Jonathan gave me a weird look when I pointed the camera at him...or rather, them.

I like this photo of Mrs. Seifert.

JQ and, "The lip."

The last day is always so sad. You've been waiting for so long for the trip, then you're on your way, and are so excited, then the trip is so wonderful you don't want it to end, and have to LEAVE, is number one, but then you have to,
#2 - un-pack
#3- get back to work
So sad...
Any way, on our way back home, we stopped by Tillamook Cheese factory. Which, for a big family, is expensive. Papa spent $50 on Pepperoni sticks and ice cream. Wow-

Our ice cream...
Papa- White licorice & Wild Huckleberry
Caitlin- Wild Huckleberry
Jessica- (me) Black Cherry & Marion Berry Pie
Felicity- Espresso & chocolate peanut butter
Marcus- Espresso
Alainna- Sherbet
Levi- Sherbet
JQ- Sherbet
Now, who, in your mind, has better tastes?
(at the moment.;)  
Mmmmmmm, wow- does that look GOOOOOD!
Thus ended the vacation. Thanks be to GOD for the wonderful trip!

WPC Camping- Day 3

Papa and Mama- met at the beach, mama was proposed to, at the beach, and both have many memories at...the beach. One of the days we were camping, was also my parents anniversary. *cheer*
The third day camping, was the most coldest, and foggiest. (It was really fun though)
It was also Josiah Woltersdorf's 18th birthday. He was made to do so many awful, and weird things, one of which was polar bearing... Here are some pics-

Freezing Josiah
Freezing group...
Jonathan, took pictures most of the day.

-Typical Brian-
Mrs. Berkompas, enjoying the day.
Joshua, always eating something. :D

My Papa Boogie Boarding at the Beach-

This is THE coolest picture of my Dad boogie boarding. Agreed? I think it is just so manly looking...

WPC Camping Trip- Day 2

WPC Camp Out- Day 1

The below picture was taken through my sun glasses-

Boys playing 'football.' Friends. <3

Jonathan led the music-
And the kiddos, all tuckered out. :p