Friday, November 25, 2011

Wood door

 My Papa built this absolutely amazing wood door. It stands right next to the fireplace, and has a door opening to the outside, and inside. That way, you only have to stock it once a day, you don't have to cart the wood all the way inside, and you can do everything under-cover from the rain.  (well....I should say, Marcus. *grin*)

My Papa is so incredibly and amazingly talented in oh-so-many things! Soli Deo Gloria! 

It looks so breathtakingly perfect there! Don't you think?
And that is the handsome guy who built it! He is a wonderful Father and I am very thankful for him!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


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Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving has been so amazing. 
This morning we went to Church and listened to a devotional given by one of our elders, Mr. Berkompas. After that lots of people stood up and publicly announced what they were thankful for. I was really thinking about getting up myself....but when you think about it too long, you start to get nervous, and I would stand up shaking, crying, and I probably wouldn't make any sense.  So...I figured I would take the 'sissy' way out, and say it on my blog. ;p But, I will seriously try to make a better effort next year. Promise. 

What I am thankful for-
There are sooo very many things I am thankful for!
I am extremely thankful, first, to my Savior, Christ Jesus, who has died on the cross for such a wretched sinner as me. Who's mercies are new every morning. Who has given me such a wonderful family, for whom I am not worthy. Who gives me peace. Who gives me love. Who gives me life, and so much more. All thanks, glory, honor, praise, and worship be unto the Lord!
I am also thankful to God for my Daddy. Who has been a great example to me, my whole life. Who loves me constantly. Who shelters me, and protects me. Who teaches me the glories of our Lord. Who corrects me when need be, and does so in love. Who stands strong in what he believes.  My Papa has captured my heart, and will hold it forever.
I am thankful to God for my Mother. My Mother, who I look up to always. Who is always there beside me, teaching me to be a wife and mother. Who is so kind, and generous, and spoils me constantly. :) Thank the Lord for Mothers!
My siblings, I am also extremely thankful to God for. Life would not be as action packed, colorful, lively, funny, and absolutely beautiful without them!
I am thankful to God for trials. Trials that teach us so many things, and help us to love our Lord better.
I am thankful for the US. That we have the freedom that most other Countries don't have. That we can worship and serve our Lord in peace.
I am thankful to God for Grandparents. Who love me, teach me, and spoils me absolutely rotten!
I am thankful to God for Cousins, Uncles, and Aunts. Being surrounded with family who all love one-another, is such a wonderful blessing that I am extremely thankful for!
And....I'm thankful for the all-American Fords. Mustangs and Trucks. 
The list goes on, and on, and on. Trust me. I could go soooo much longer in this post, writing what I am thankful for. Our Lord is a great God, worthy of all praise and thankfulness! Thanks be to God!!!

Our Thanksgiving-

 Awww, look at that little guy! He was upset that I moved the bar stools away from the bar. And since he knew where they were supposed to go, he tried to move them...and I stopped him.
-I know. What a mean ol' sis I am!

 -Love his lips!!!

 The boys went hunting this afternoon. They shot this REALLY cool looking bird. (I'll post a photo of it soon...)
 Wow- Chocolates from around the world?!?!? *eeek!* I am in heaven!
 My beautiful Mother. :)
 Good grief! Look at that humongous turkey! It was probably the biggest one I've seen in my life!! 
 Uncle Tony and little Nick.
 *laugh out loud* The mixed expressions on my Cousin's faces is hilarious. Huong is saddened. Trinh is either happy or shocked. And, Anthony is only thinking about how it tastes. ;)
 My Papa is the BEST chef in the whole wide world!!!!
 Best friends. Best Cousins.  Forever and always.
 Anthony and Mother tasted the food, *just* to make sure that it wasn't poisoned or anything. Right?
 Huong had Papa's 'bear claws' used for tearing meat. Scary....
 *grin* We are some of the silliest Cousins I know of! And totally Koch!
 Thanksgiving feast!
 Thanks be to God for food!!!
 This is Cassandra's Apple cinder. I loved the bubbles. :)

 Papa said what he was thankful for.
 Grandpa did too. And so did Uncle Tony.
 My Family!! I love you all soooo very much!
(this would have been a great family photo, if only I was in it! ...I am not saying that I would make it better, I'm saying that we would ALL be there if I was. -Just to clarify.  :p)
 Anthony made the mashed potatoes. Yummers!

 He is SO adorable!

 *chuckle* HE told me to put this on here, okay?

 I love you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

 I like this photo. I put mine and Trinh's name tags on salt and pepper shakers.

 My littlest brother, and I.
 Yeah. We're crazy cousins all right!

 We had a lot of fun taking photos on the stair case! (as you could probably tell!)
And, lastly, Trinh and I.

Wow. What an amazing day! I hope you all had as much fun as I did, and enjoyed your families to the utmost. Thanks be to God!!

Happy thanksgiving.