Tuesday, February 23, 2010

other 'artistic' pictures that I like :)

(above)This is a picture that I took of Levi. Now, I know you might not believe me, but I did not do any editing or special effects, or settings on my camera, I just simply took it in a certain way, that I just learned. I love the way it turned out. I can't explain how I do it on the computer, and it does not happen EVERY time, but, boy, I love the picture! <3
(Below) I did these next two pictures the same way, but in the car, and it was a picture of the cars out-side.
Tell me what y'all think! :)

Just a couple pictures of the Family get together~

(above) Anthony Nguyen, Papa's sister, Aunt Cindy, and Marcus.
(Below) Me, Houng Nguyen, Aunt Cindy, Felicity, Trinh Nguyen, and Caitlin. (It looks like two of us did not get the hint to look at the camera! :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

An old picture in South Padre

Beeeautiful picture!!


For all of you out there that know about computers more than I do-
Every time I publish a post, it says that the HTML tag is broken. Then, to actually, publish it, it click 'ignore' and it publishes. Then it puts in gibberish and takes pictures out. Then I go to Dashboard and edit posts, and then take it out and put the pictures back in. And then I publish it. And it does the same thing. So for all of you that can help me...I would REALLY appreciate it!!! It would save me LOADS of trouble.

Fun Photo's

(Above)Farmer, Protector, Cowboy, Father, Husband, Friend, Elder, Landscaper, Engineer, Constructor, Son, and 100% wonderful! This is my loving Papa that I love very much. <3
This is my Aunt Cindy's friend's Daughter, Haylee. Papa caught this moment, and I think it is sweet! She is such a beautiful girl. :) Kinda neat
Felicity, with a little bit 'O shine
I really like this picture too. Mostly because #1 it is barbed wire and every one knows that means "Cowboy" and #2 because of the focus/blurred in it. That the rusty barbed wire is in the focus and I think it looks really cool.
simple but beautiful country roads.
Now the next two pictures papa took, only because we were passing by, and I yelled from the back of the van, "Take a picture! Take a picture!" So he pulled over for me to take a picture with my camera, of GOD's breathtaking creation.
I thought this picture was kinda interesting, it is showing the camera and what the camera was taking a picture of.
Now this picture is in the top 10 I absolutely adore. I took this on the window of our van, and it turned out even better than I expected! I like how the "snow flake" things show every little edge and design.
Wide open spaces~

J.Q. handsome as usual.

I LOVE this picture! I was thoroughly amazed that it turned out! I took it in the car while we were driving, and without the window open! I also like the zoom look under the mountain.
As you know, we killed our cows a week ago....and here is our well-earned pay~ 324 pounds of JUST hamburger!!! That is not including the steaks and such. WOW! :p

Just a few Photo's I took~
spring buds~
Dew on the grass~
.....who is that I wonder....:)

Our lovely cat; Wild flower~
My camera dosn't do well with the sun, but I think it is O.K.
Now this picture and the one below it is two of many of my favorite pictures.
I like this one best of all~
Levi's BIG HUGE ears!!
More photo's are coming of our Family get together. LORD willing. :) I hope I am getting better with my photo's for you. ;/
May the LORD bless you and keep you, may the LORD make his face shine upon you and give you peace.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Goin' ons

special moments...
porky Pig...
My Beautiful birds, enjoying the sun!
I really like this picture! 100% Levi!
The grass is green! Time for...SPRING!
ALAINNA'S FIRST TOOTH!!! You can tell how that went. :)
"Here it is! Take the picture Jessica!"
All happy!
Food again. :p
Papa's Mt. St. Helen's.
I put the camera inside the grater as I was grating cheese. I think it is....interesting.
(Oh, and don't worry, it did not get dirty!)
'The line.'
"Smile! Even in the kitchen...you're on camera!!!"
More helpers...
Alainna and J.Q. passed out!
Papa went and got mama some beautiful flowers. He is SO sweet! <3The black and white is O.K. but not my favorite.
Caitlin liked the sepia.
The little bit of sun is kinda cool in this picture, with the blue sky. If I had the time I would have moved it so the trees are not in the background. But, oh well. :)
I adore this picture. With the bright red against the little white flowers...so beautifully breathtaking!
.....I like this one just as much as the one above it. :)
I don't know about you, but this picture, to me, needs to go in a sliver frame, with a pearl necklace around it. ;) I really enjoy this setting on my camera! It gives you the 'oldish', and soft beauty.

Hope all was enjoyed! :)