Saturday, May 19, 2012

Home alone: day one

Hello to all you out there. I hope you're having a splendid day...
My parents left early this morning,  (3:00am ) to go to a 50th birthday party for my Aunt Tereasa in Colorado, leaving Caitlin and I in charge of the house! ::Cheer::
Or, rather-   ::evil grin::
While they are gone, we hope to- clean house, experiment in cooking, keep the kiddos clean and mannered, home school them, landscape the yard, and do laundry. Sound fun? Yeahhh, not really. We are still going to do that, and more, (Lord willing) but more realistically, we are going to- eat all the ice cream on the property, sleep in till we want to get up, watch movies till midnight, and drink coffee. You know...the usual.
(We are on vacation, so we have a good excuse. :))
So, for a little bit of entertainment for y'all, I will be keeping a regular post of what we're all up to over here in Koch wonderland. But, to tell the absolute truth, when our parents are gone Caitlin and I have such a thrust of energy and determination to get this house spotless and the outside perfect. I don't know what about "not having any adults on the property" has to do with it, or why it gives us this feeling. But the fact is- it does. So, while we are in that mode, you might as well use it, right? I think it's that way with most kids.
More to post later-

Okie Dokie. I think we have had an averagely successful day today. We slept in until 9:30am then lazily got out of our warm cocoons, and trudged our way upstairs to watch "ever after" with glossy eyes while eating a breakfast of lucky charms. (In another words- 'marshmallow cereal.' We don't like the wood they put in there with the marshmallows. It was  kind of disgusting.) By the time we were done with the movie it was 12:00pm. Our day for "Constructive-ness" was slipping away quite rapidly. It was now time to put the skills our Mother has so diligently taught us into action! Caitlin and Marcus began their work outside. They were going to clean the yard, weed whack, mow, edge, blow, clear brush from the creek, take the garbage up to the top, and do the animals. Felicity and I were inside. I cleaned the whole outer area top to bottom. Washing the walls, dusting, cleaning out from under the couches, cleaning the oven, fire place, re-arranging the kitchen, mopping, shaking out rugs, washing windows, doors, knobs, etc. And I made sure that the children stayed on the porch to play. Felicity cleaned the kids bathroom top to bottom, cleaned the hallway and mopped it, picked up the up stairs,did the dishes, dinner, and dessert. We ate lunch while we were working, and stopped for dinner at 6:00pm. After which, Caitlin and Marcus headed back outside to finish clearing the creek, Felicity did the dishes, swept, and plated the desserts, and I cleaned the kitchen again with the kids, picked the living room back up, got the kids in jammies, and then I taught them how to do sit-ups in the living room. :)
Even though we were as lazy as a couple of sloths this morning, we made up for it in the afternoon.
(I hope you didn't get too bored reading my long post! Here are a few photos you might enjoy better than reading. :))

Coffee and marshmallows ONLY THIS ONCE!!

Dancing in the kitchen. ;D

 I love, love, love clean floors!

 My sweet little helper. :)

 Sisters. <3 Caitlin and I work so well together. I love my sisters so much!!! All of them.

 The little boys played on the porch almost the whole time. Good little kiddos. :)

 After sweeping up under the couches and rugs, you sure do get a pretty big dust pile!

 Clean floors again! ::eeekk!:: I love it!
 John Deere Green Farmer Gal.

 Felicity made a wonderful dinner of Poppyseed chicken over rice and fruit salad.  She did a great job. :)

 Nickolas and I were playing hide and seek. :D

 For dessert, Felicity made brownies with strawberries and whipped cream.
We ended the day watching Shirley Temple with the kids, then us older kids watched 'Gladiator."
There you have it! One day in Koch wonderland. Filled with hard labor, and many rewards.