Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Movie night

On Tuesday night, all of us kids, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Rebecca, and cousins, watched, "Drums along the Mohawk," after eating ice cream. It is a good movie. :) Above is Aunt Cindy and Levi.
Felicity and Huong.

And then Trinh and Jacob, all snuggled in. *smile*
After the movie was over, we put the little kids to bed, and then Aunt Rebecca, Caitlin, Felicity, Anthony and I, watched a bigger kid movie...."The Village."
This was the first time that Anthony had seen it, so I made sure I was right there to jump him at the right moments. :)
Then afterwards, Caitlin dressed up as, "those we don't speak of."

*chuckle* That was fun. :)


What is holding Levi and Jacob's attention?!? They never stay in one spot that long...
Oh, that's what it is!
We found out that some kind of animal was eating our chicks, so Caitlin placed traps all around the chicken house, along with red cyan pepper, to, hopefully, make the animal go away, or kill it. But it just so happens that the same night she did that, was the first night that a chick escaped it's pin, and....ya, got caught. :(
We thought that it broke it's leg, so Caitlin and Anthony, my cousin, made this cute little splint for it. :) It was a fun experience. :) ....for the kids. :p
Awwww, poor thing!
But Jacob would say, "Eeeeewwww!"
P.S. love his face!


After Church there is a fellowship lunch, and this is the table I was at. :) Very long hu?
Andra and Lydia, having a splendid conversation. :)

Then after the lunch, we had a special surprise, from Mrs. Dirkson. She played a couple songs for us all, that the little kids enjoyed a lot. :) (sorry for the poor quality, I was using my old camera, again, and I have never had a picture turn out okay in the sanctuary. )
It was quite the eventful Sunday. :)

A fun evening after landscaping~

Sibs...   <3

Aunt Cindy and little JQ.
Aunt Cindy and the boys...
And then Grandma joined the group!

On Saturday, after we landscaped, Grandma, Aunt Cindy, and all of us, went to tebos for Dinner. (a tradition for many years) We had a whole lot of fun!
....and afterwards, Grandma, Caitlin, Felicity and I, all drove home in none other than the MUSTANG!!!! Now, I'm telling you folks, that was an absolute blast! And this time I actually took pictures to share with you all!        *Enjoy!*

....Me. (Sorry for the weird lighting in this one. My camera was acting up for a second) (....the old one:)
I loved this road. With all of the trees, lined up and the beautiful fields next to them, this place is country!
By the looks of this picture you're probably wondering how fast we were going,......but that will remain a secret. *wink*
I thought this picture was funny. :)
Well, one of the nice things about a convertible, is that you can take a lot of pictures of things out-side that you normally would  not have the chance to. And here is one of them, that I really like. :) The little sun dot on the window, reminds me of the sun setting on the sea...can you see it?
I love photos of the sky too. Especially when the clouds are in a neat formation. :) Like this. ;p
I did a shutter speed of my hair blowing in the convertible, and there are SO many funny ones, so Caitlin chose this one. :)
When we all got home, Papa and Mama went to bed, Grandma went to bed, the littles went to bed, and Aunt Cindy and us girls stayed up talking till 11:30am. -fun times. :)

A side landscaping job...

Wow-I've got a lot to catch up on don't I? Well, Saturday, last week, Papa, Caitlin and I had to plant some flowers, check irrigation, and take care of moss removal at one of our accounts.....Cascade Inn. Aunt Cindy was in from Missouri, so she wanted to help us, along with mama.
The irrigation was a little more difficult than we thought, so we had to cap the line till my parents got back from GA. (General assembly in Tennessee) And we did this all after we had planted the flowers, so you know what that means! No water for the plants! And with all this hot weather, they were sure to die. So wonderful Cassandra, was willing to water them for us while my parents were away. :) Thanks!
(above) This is Aunt Cindy, Papa and Caitlin, planting a few flowers in the front...I helped too, but I am the one behind the camera. :)   
...And this is all of us "landscapers" in our uniforms, after a job well done! *cheer*
~Though this post was a little random, I hope you enjoyed it! ~

Monday, June 28, 2010

Little kids and their ice cream cones....

Some how, this does not look like Jacob...   :/
Any ways, on Saturday night Aunt Cindy got all of us kids ice cream cones, and as you can see, Jacob had a lot of fun with those! ;p

*chuckle* He was drawing with his melted ice cream...little kids, they sure can make your heart glow!
*smile* You bearded weirdo! 
Jacob made that ice cream cone last a long time. :)

Day-break swimming

*chuckle* Alainna is such a cute little princess when she wants to be. :) She is all ready to swim at Daybreak.

As soon as we get there Levi starts throwing rocks in the water, then it turns out to be a rock water fight. :) Alainna got Levi in this picture. :)

While the kiddos were having their water fight, us older kids got our floats ready for the rapids....
.......I was smart and had mine pre-ready. :)
Before we headed out, Papa had to get the littles, "used" to the he dunked them all. :)
Here Papa is, chasing Marcus, who started running after the first person was dragged in. :p
The embarrassing part...
Little JQ....The funny thing about him though, is that he started crying when every one said, "Awww, poor little fella," Then he...
...Smiled and thought that it was funny. :p Silly guy! 
I unfortunately don't have any photos of us older kids jumping in...because I was jumping in too..but there are a few pictures of what we looked like when we came out! :)
If you were wondering....This is Caitlin and Felicity, and I had NO part in it! ;p
Marcus found this MASSIVE tad pol while we were there. Pretty cool, hu?
On the way home, all of the kids were EXHAUSTED! They are not used to all of the running around and swimming yet. :)
P.S if you were wondering why they are in clothes now, it is because they had to change and then we went and visited Grandpa. :)

The first day of summer has FINALLY COME!!!! *cheer*