Friday, December 5, 2014

New York City

Here I am. Finally posting my photos from my fabulous trip to New York. It was the vacation of a life time! Everything was so different,
                                                                             And absolutely energetic!

How would I describe NY? I think it was properly described as the city that never sleeps, but I would also add to that: the city that never smiles. It was rather sad actually. That was ONE of the first things I noticed. Nobody smiled. You look at all the people busying along the street, seemingly on a huge mission, and there are no smiles. No laughter. Granted-they aren't on vacation, and so things don't seem as exciting to them as they would to me. But even in comparison to where we is different that way.

And the personal bubble that we are so accustomed to...
                                      doesn't exist there.
You walk around and if someone bumps into you, they don't stop to say 'oh. Sorry about that.' It's not rude to them. It's normal. People bustle about, bumping into each other, and they don't seem to think twice about it.   I quickly got accustomed to that, however.

                             BUT, OH! The LIGHTS!!
                                               --------How brilliant they were!!!! On all the tall buildings, lighting up the night, and bringing energy to all those below. You literally felt
                    It was amazing. Seriously, AMAZING.
I LOVED New York.
      That's the bottom line.
I LOVED how different it was.

I LOVED the great energy there,

I LOVED the subway.

I LOVED the original Macy's store. (especially after watching 'Elf.')

I LOVED the quaint little shops.

I LOVED watching all the busy people and the way they go about things.

I LOVED being there with my Grandma and Sister.

I LOVE, LOVED the Statue of Liberty!!!!

I LOVED the Empire State Building.

I LOVED time square.

I LOVED Grand Central Station.

I LOVED Chelsea's Market.

I LOVED the High Line.

I LOVED Bryant Park.

I LOVED the Green Glass elevator.

I LOVE, LOVED, LOVED the Broadway Show of Cinderella!!!!!  (-one of my faves. )

I just, simply, and purely loved my trip. I hope you all go someday. It was an experience that was literally dazzling.

Below, I have 'stories' of some of my pictures I took while I was there. If you want to read all the text in there, just click on it, and scroll down. Other than that....I don't believe anything else is complicated with  these things. If you have problems, just let me know. :)

*deep inhale*
      *deep exhale*
                            Okkkkkayyy, I think that's it, and I sincerely hope you enjoy these pictures. :)

First Story

Second Story