Saturday, December 31, 2011

Highlights from the year 2011

This year has been one of the most amazing years of my life. I have had so many new experiences, for which, I am extremely thankful. Two of my biggest highlights, though, is when my family and I went to Disneyland with my Grandparents, and when I went to San Diego, CA with my parents, Grandma K., and Aunt Cindy. This was the very first year that I've ever been to California, and now I'm's my favorite place to take a vacation in the world. I'm %100 serious about that too. :)

 The shooting day we had recently was probably one of my highlights. Just a "little" one. :)
 Going on a date with my Daddy, is always a huge highlight.
 Thanksgiving was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I am so thankful that we were able to have our cousins, and Grandparents come to spend it with us!

 I absolutely love going to Church every Sunday, and giving the kiddos either skittles, or gummy bears. Children are such a blessing!

 I absolutely LOVED this last dance we had for "Heritage weekend." Mainly because it was the first one my cousins have ever gone to. 
 The "end of the summer" dance the VanGelders hosted was also super fun. For some reason, Summer dances are such a huge event in my mind. I guess it's the dancing on the grass in bare feet. :) -love it!

(P.S. this was a photo of me and my cousins before I headed out to the dance.)
 Going to the Tosti's beach house with my Cousins, Grandma Koch, and Aunt Cindy was one of the most amazing vacations I've ever had. (and I've had quite a few.) We played volleyball almost all day long. *sigh*
 Cousins. <3 We were all SO tan! ......I can't wait 'till summer.
 Going to our annual Church beach camp this year was also VERY fun! I just LOVE the beach. There is just something about it that captures my heart.
 Spending time with friends...
 Taking a mini trip to Mt. St. Helen's...
Watching my Dad cream everybody at Basketball.
 Camping at Elk lake with the Bradleys...
 Hosting a massive 4th of July party...
 Building a new bridge...
 Learning how to make espresso...
 Cleaning, re-arranging, and decorating our whole house while my parents went to Cancun Mexico, for a week. (Now THAT was fun! )

 Going to Cannon Beach with our whole family for Cassandra's graduation, for several days...
 Playing volleyball with my cousins on a home-made volleyball net made with drift wood and yarn...(epic)
 Dressing up with girl friends...
 Hiking Silver star with the VanGelders and Rebbecca G. in the rain and snow, in shorts...

 Watching Mr. Mack's grill blow up...

 Riding in a bright pink hummer limo...
..and being thrown in jail. lol.

 Seeing WILD dolphins surfing the waves...

 Having fun with my wonderful camera...
 Going to Sea World...

 Watching everybody's frightened faces right before they took off on our massive zip line...
(which we hope to make bigger this next year.)
 Fixing my brothers hair...

 What a more-than-wonderful year! All thanks be to God!!!
May next year be just as great as this one!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day-

Hey there. Sorry it's taken me a while to make this post! ...Life. ;p

Well, on Christmas day, we all went to Church. I love going to Church on Christmas!
When we came home, we had the honor of the Gauls fellowship. Grandpa and Grandma Leider were able to come down to spend Christmas with us too! -yay! The more the merrier, right?
Later in the day, we were also blessed with Brian Vandenburg's company. :) ( thanks for coming all y'all!)

 Little "sissy" was soooo cute! he is cutie too. :)
 Even though it rained, we still got a couple hours of sunshine! Which, we spent driving the quad. (don't let Anthony do that again!)

 Huong wanted to take pictures with me, and wanted to do it all in the...bathroom? I guess that was the only place with a large mirror. :D
 Mustaches. :)
 Christmas dinner-
We had 3 different kinds of meat. Salmon, pork ribs, and ham from our pig. All of which were accompanied with all of our favorite side dishes. yum. yum.

 My Grandparents bought us this gorgeous center piece from Costco. (thanks!)

 Our annual family photo. :) This time I'm in it!! *die of shock*

 After dinner clean up, us cousins, and Brian played poker. It was really fun!

 Classic Brian look. :)

(see, Brian. You made it in here. :) 

 We had some silly moments while playing poker too. I think that it was all that sugar.

 Towards the end of the game, we all just pooled our chips in, and played one more round...
 ...Brian won!

 After Cousins left, we played 'aggravation' with my Grandparents.

That ended our 2011 Christmas. Wow- what an eventful day, filled with joy, happiness, and laughter, in celebrating our Lord's birth. Thanks be to God!

The day after Christmas all of our Christmas decorations were taken down and stored away. I think that this is the fastest that we have ever done that. :)


How was your Christmas?