Monday, January 31, 2011

Nick's weird moves...

 Love his face!

"Hey there, did you like my dance?"

New zip line victory and a few photos

 Mr. Sauseville went on the zip line.
 Off he goes!! Ethan also went on.  -what fun!
 I went on a nice walk on Sunday, and came across some ferns. While walking I took this photo, not expecting it to turn out, and I come to find out that, I actually like it! Don't you love it when that happens?
And here is a rather plain photo of our 'trusty, rusty' barb wire that runs along our gravel road. I love simple country photos. You don't need to be too creative to get a beautiful photo. :o)

Nickolas is CRAWLING!!! (when he wants to)

 Doesn't he look like a spider on a wall?  :op

By the end of the day, Nick is sacked out by all of his crawling, that he just had to lay down in the laundry. :)
Poor fella, he is growing up!

Latest card designs~

 Ha ha ha. . . . Yes, I do make quite the mess for myself!
 Card #1 Purple Grass
I thought this card was pretty neat. :) It does not open. You pull the cute little tab on the top, and out pops the note! 
 (Below) Card #2 Flowers for you
 Card #3 - 3 Little blue buttons

 Card #4 Bless U

 Card #5 A Fancy Family

 Card #6 My Sunny Friend
 Card #7 Bright flowers for my friend

 *Chuckle* Ya, that's the way I work! When it is time to take photos I push all of the junk to one side, then take photos on the 'clean' side. I do have a reason for that though . . . when you have spent time making the cards, you don't want to take the time to clean up . . . you just want to take the photos, and make a post! ~ Which is what I did. :)
What one do you like best? Mine is the -  3 little blue buttons.   :o)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Montana sun set

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Montana Flower

Father/son day

 After working out, Papa came home and took Marcus up to Lucia Falls, and another falls around there. (I forget the name!) Just to have some Father/son time.
 Salamanders. . .

Parents at the beach

 For Christmas Mrs. Bradley and Mama planned a nights stay at Canon Beach for Papa and Mr.Bradley. It was a nice time for them to get away and relax. Here are a few photos that they all took~

 This is a really cool bird house made out of wine corks. It looks like something that my Grandpa Koch would have made. :)

 I like this photo. Very cool. . .

Tulips are up!!




Like Chelsea Berkompas, and many others I'm sure, our tulips have arrived! *cheer*
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Summer, come fast!!





I simply cannot wait until summer. I absolutely love the sun, games, and fellowship that all happens. . . in the summer. :) Don't you agree? I love all the seasons when they come, but for some reason, I just can't wait until summer. Maybe because we kind of had a lousy winter, that was mostly rain...
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