Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunday afternoon.

Every other Sunday, the Sturtevants open their home for the whole Church to come and fellowship together. It is always a joy to spend hours with all the people you love and cherish.  This time I brought my camera to capture the priceless moments...


I love all of the kiddos in the Church! They're all just way too adorable!!! I thank God for every last one of them.

We have done so very much this month, I honestly can't remember all of it at the moment. The only thing I have to remember all of it is pictures. And now I present some of them to you. --

One day we up to Merwin Lake with the Mack family, and spent the whole day paddle boarding, talking, relaxing by/on the lake, swimming, etc. It was a time of pure joy.

 My grandparents came down to visit us before going on their trip to China. They took us all to see Ice Age three in the movies, and then to dinner a Gustavus. It was a lovely time!
A couple Sundays ago, we had the joy and pleasure of going to the Woltersdorf's house for a time of fellowship and pure joy.
 What a cutie!!

That's it for now. :)
Thanks for reading-

Shooting day with Cousins.

Sunday afternoon, day after the rodeo, we had our cousins over for the day and we all decided to shoot guns in our lower pasture. We had pretty intense competitions, especially with my cousin Ben, because he was the 'Marine.' I won't tell y'all who won, but it all came pretty close. :)

Enjoy the pictures.---

 This was Huong's first time shooting a gun. She did pretty well, and after the first shot she was constantly wanting to shoot, she loved it so much.

I love my family and my life!
Thanks be to God!