Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anyone want to go for a swim?

For the past 3 years we have been under construction so we have not had a pool. This year Laurn promised the kids we would get one. We found a good deal on Craigs List and Laurn said it would be about a week or two until we could put it up. The kids decided that was not going to fit into their plans for the up coming 80 degree weather so they said they would do most of the work.


The sand fight begins. For a while there was more sand in the air than on the ground. They managed to get it all in its proper place eventually.

Levi did a great job helping. He is pretty strong for a little guy.

It was up that night and the kids were swimming in it. It was nice to have during our spring heat wave.
We look forward to having pool parties this summer.

Spring walk through the park

A few weeks ago our family was hit again with a stomach bug. We did not attend church thinking we were still contagious but felt better and wanted to celebrate the Lords day. We had our family worship and sing time at home and then decided to enjoy a beautiful spring day at the park.

Jessica is still not too old to enjoy a swing ride

Levi loved the swing.

Jacob cried when we took him out.

Alainna posing for her Papa.

Who can make the biggest splash with their rock? I think Caitlin won this one.

Exploring to find something interesting.

Levi came out of his hiding place in the bush when Laurn said "anyone want some candy?"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, after several hours I finally came up with a new look for our blog. Thank you Chelsea for your help. It's not exactly how I want it but it will do for now until I can get more experienced. I think it will be a while before I attempt this again though so I hope you all like it.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


On our way

Dan drove almost the entire way there and back.
Laurn eat the entire way there and back and helped with the drive the last couple of hours.

The cute little boy to the left is Elliott. He is quite a boy. He will draw whatever you want him to and he will do it ALL DAY. He is 3 years old and just as cute as can be. He was a delight to Caitlin and they had fun drawing together.

Sunday nights blizzard.

This is Wessy. He is about 1 1/2 and is very fun to watch, especially whe he eats.

Relaxing Sunday afternoon. We had a wonderful meal with R.C. and Denise and then just sit around watching the blizzard outside wondering if we were going to make it home the next day.

Caitlin got a lot of reading in whenever Elliott and Julia were not around to draw with. She got some new books from Mrs. Elliott to borrow to.

King's driveway

View from back porch of King's house

Great room where we had our couples camp. R.C. is seated to the left of the fireplace. The King's were wonderful to let all 20 couple take over their house for 2 days.

King's house

Front porch

Laurn getting ready to go to the rim

A walk along the rim

A beautiful view of Billings

It was very windy and cold. About 21, but sunny and clear.

As cold as it was the men still had to have a smoke

Elliott's back yard

One of Caitlin's favorite places in Montana is the rim. She took several walks there with her Dad while we were there.

Caitlin and Mrs. Elliott talked Laurn in to letting her come as a "babysitter". She was thrilled to be able to go and was able to meet lots of kids her age.

Red Lodge

Caitlin and I overlooking Billings. It was a great trip to spend together.