Thursday, December 31, 2009


Just a reminder about the baby name game.
Hope you think of one! ;-)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New look~

I know, I change my background all the time, but I really enjoy doing it!
Hope you like it! ;-)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another game!

Well, the majority lost in the poll. It is a boy! And by the can REALLY tell! ;-)
Now it is 4 girls and 4 boys. Thank the LORD!!!
Now, here is another game~
In the comments, post a boy name, and you can give up to two if you want. If we end up choosing it then you get a PRIZE!!! What it is, .......I don't know yet. But, LORD willing, it's going to be good! ;-)
Stay tuned my faithful followers, I will be looking for the comments! :-)

Happy holidays!

~The Koch Family

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Christmas is almost here!!! ***
Time to decorate everything! Tell me what you think of the new background!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am SO SO sorry! I did this all backwards! So just start from the bottom up so I will not confuse you! :-) But this is a EEG that I had done on Thursday. I just thought that you would be slightly interested! :-) Don't I look SO cool with all those wires in my head!?
She is putting the wires in and this is how she does it!~ First she puts glue stuff on my head in the marked spots and then she puts the wire on the glue and then the paper on top to make it stay. Almost as if getting your head massaged!
She is using a special type of red pencil to mark where the wires need to go. This takes a while because she needs to do a WHOLE bunch of measuring!
Here I am, HORRIBLE picture, I know. But what can I say for being sleep deprived!
The Doctors said that I had to go to bed at 2:00am and then wake up at 5:30 am! I was really tired!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New design!

I just wanted to give a special thanks to Chelsea Berkompas for helping me figure out how to change the background!
Thank you Chelsea!

Friday, December 4, 2009


A funny thing I just realized! I am embarrassed about it but I will share the laughter!
Okay, you know how I had posted about having the whole family over and getting together, well, our Aunt and her husband had come over from Colorado to spend the night, and, as you might think, it means CLEANING! I was put in charge of the guest room, getting it all ready and nice smelling, etc. I had made a sign for the guests about the guest table that had towels, soaps, spray, shampoo...etc. that all of the guests never used. Read it CAREFULLY and see if you get it reading it the first time, remember, READ IT CAREFULLY!

Dear Guest,
This table is for your convenience. Please feel free to use what ever you need. If you need anything else please don't forget to ask. We hope your stay here is enjoyable and exiting.
~ The Koch's

Get it? If you didn't read it again..........
Okay, for those who did not get it....
I had put in exiting not exciting! So all of our guests had the wonderful sign I had made for them saying that I wanted them to leave!!! My Grandma JUST figured it out! And, not to mention that we have had MANY more guests after the family get together and before tonight!
Very funny!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fairy circle

A fairy circle? yep! This is called a fairy circle, it is mushrooms that grow in a perfect circle, and, as I heard, is not very common at all. Papa found it in our front lawn, and explained it all to us...because we had never heard of such a thing! I just thought I would share! Although it is a little hard to make out and might not look like a "Perfect circle" it is it is just that the photo I took had to be at a certain angle to get it all in there. [that is why it made it look weird.] Sorry!

advent wreath making

Papa walking down the isle holding our beautiful and unique wreath.
You can tell that papa had a fun time!
Our wreath~
A picture I took of Dylan Bradley. I just HAD to put it in it was so cute!
I had fun looking at everybody's wreaths, they all looked beautiful, and very unique. ;-)


Shopping at the expo center!

Parking lot~
;-) Sign~
Sisters~ <3
More info about the expo center, if you have never gone..It is in Portland, and it is a BLAST! People from all over make VERY cute crafts, soaps, spices, candy, store items...etc!
I got a really cute gift for the kids there. It was a movie, night at the museum, that came in a bag with candy and pop corn, for only $5! There are many great deals there and this is only one example! :-)
Hope to see you there next year! ;-)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Okay, if you do not laugh at this then make a comment and say that it, "did not make you laugh" and I will try again! ;-) Although I do hope it will make you smile.
Here it is! ~

My favorite barbecue joint has a sign on the wall that reads, "If you're smokin' , you'd better be on the grill."

a basket of beautiful red apples sat halfway down the serving table at a small-town Church's potluck dinner. A sign on the basket read, "Take only one.....GOD is watching you."
A few feet farther along, diners found a second sign, this time on a big plate of cookies. It read, "Take as many as you like....GOD is watching the apples."

In the car in the middle of Colorado, a wife said to her husband, "Oh, dear George, I'm afraid the house is going to burn down. I'm sure I left my iron on back there."
George shrugged and casually replied, "The house will not burn down dear, don't worry."
"Now, how can you make a statement like that with so much confidence?" his wife asked in disbelief.
"Easy," George replied, "Because I forgot to turn the water off in the bathtub!"

Hope you enjoyed these jokes and I look forward to a comment! Although I am SURE I got you! :-)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet the Family....or part of it!

We have Cassandra Baker. We have Anthony, Trinh, & Houng Nguyen. And we have.....
Caitlin, Jessica, Felicity, Marcus, Alainna, Levi and Jacob Koch!!! That is, with our special Aunt Cindy in the middle!

Aunt Teressa and her husband Tim taking a picture of them-selves! ;-) {They live in Colorado}
Uncle Tony and Felicity~
My cousin Cassandra, Aunt Cindy, and Felicity~ {Aunt Cindy is Papa's older sister. She lives in Missouri as a Starbucks manager.}
Aunt Cindy and my cousin Anthony Nguyen.
What fun! Thank the LORD for giving us Family!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Family get together~

Well, this last week was filled with a bunch of exiting stuff. We had family from Colorado & Missouri over for a family get together. It is amazing how time has flown by! I will show pictures later.....{My computer is getting fixed...etc.}

Saturday, November 14, 2009

cute and ADORABLE pictures of Jacob!~

I think you guys will have a laugh now! :-) We try new hair styles on Jacob because his hair is longer on the top and short on the sides, which means that you have allot of fun trying to fix it. For this first picture~ this happened when we took out the hair style below it. Which was HILARIOUS as well. Have fun! ;-)

These are not hair styles, but it is just another embarrassing thing to show him when he has, LORD willing, children and a wife. Sorry Jacob but it is really fun doing this! ;-p

He did NOT want to take my sun glasses off. I would say he likes them! :-)
Well, hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I have!


Now, you might think these past few blog posts are boring but I don't really have anything else to blog about! Sorry, but I hope you will enjoy these and look forward to SNOW!!! {These are pictures of our place last year.}
I will have more to blog about next week. Stay tuned! ;-) ~Jessica

Friday, November 13, 2009


This is also a beautiful picture! It has country written all over it!

Just a pretty picture~

I love this picture! I think it is really beautiful.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Picture of Maria~

This is a picture of Maria that I was looking at today. I thought that it was kind of cool.


Alright, here we go! This is Jacob when he is only a year old, and it is THE cutest picture that I have EVER seen of him. I am sure that you will agree! Click on it so you can get the full will be worth it! This was taken at Frenchman's Bar last year~ TOO CUTE!!!!! I love you Jacob!


Raining leaves~
Leaves + kids = FUN!

Now you may be wondering if Levi landed on little Alainna.....he did! But she got right back up and continued her fun!

racing to the top!

Climbing up the pile to repeat his un-ending rutine of jumping off the truck. What a boy!

Levi having an absolute BLAST getting dirty. As you can see! :-)

Felicity is not expecting the load of leaves that will attack her as soon as she lands. Watch out!

Alainna, taking a frog leap into the leaf pile. ;-)

"Victory is mine!" Levi shouts as he sucessfully jumped off the truck with no broken bones.
levi will never stop making me laugh.

Siblings. :-)
Hope you enjoyed our fall pictures! ~ Jessica

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank the LORD for a wonderful harvest!

We have been blessed with a plentiful harvest this year, thank the LORD! Although keeping a garden is hard, you will, LORD willing, be well rewarded for your hard work. Here are some pictures of our blessing~ Caitlin putting her hand on our green beans to show how much they were. We had about 5 of these. Don't worry, we canned them! ;-)

Sorry that this picture is blurry, but these are the first three peppers we harvested. Aren't they so cute?

Our white potatoes~

Wonderful, wonderful tomatoes! They kept us well stocked for a long time! We enjoyed canning these as well!

These are a few of our thousands of cherry tomatoes~

Our green beans~

Our first attempt to grow potatoes. We were very happy with the results!

Our turnips came plentiful~

Papa, taking dominion over his land. ;-)