Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Caitlin

February 12th was Caitlin's 15th birthday. We decided to take the day off and go have some fun. Caitlin ordered the day. We went to a tack shop, to Goodwill (Marcus could not find his shoes) and to Wilco. At Wilco she get her gift from her father. She got a cute western belt and an extra "Farm Princess" John Deer belt buckle.

Since she was born in the winter she never gets the fun summer birthday's. This year we decided to give her a summer birthday lunch. We got lunch and took it to Lewisville for a picnic. It was 29 degrees. We all had a great time though and it will be a birthday to remember.

An interesting fact about Caitlin and Levi. They were born 1 week short of 12 years apart to the day and were born in the same hospital and in the same hospital room.

A few weeks ago we celebrated Levi's 3rd birthday. He has gotten so big so fast.
He got a Nerf gun like Marcus so now they play Nerf war ALL DAY it seams.

For dinner he asked for Salmon, and blue cake. How many 3 year old's know what Salmon is?