Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Once again, I have made a card inspired by a song. *grins* I actually like doing that though, because when you see the card, you think of the song, right?

 Do you like it, or do you love it? Those are your only two choices. Any other response will be strictly written down in the 'naughty book.' actually exists. And if you don't believe that it does then you will, sadly, have another mark. No jokes. (lol)
This card is kinda boring. Since I don't know what these kinds of cards are actually called, I just call them 'wardrobe' cards. Do you think it is highly inconvenient to untie the ribbon to read the note? Maybe a clasp...?

Anyways, sorry for the random post. I just felt like I did. :) I hope y'all are having a nice afternoon.

Thanks to...

...Mrs. Seifert for helping me figure out a new header!! Mrs. Seifert is an extraordinary blogger--one of the best I know! She gave me a bunch of helpful tips on how to get my blog just the way I wanted it. Thanks!!
In case any of my friends from "out of state" haven't been to her should!     link-  Mrs. Seiferts Blog

---Do you like the new style? You can't tell that I am anxious for summer, can you? lol

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New bathroom floor.

Ha ha ha ha. Well, I just made a post about some of this, but here is the "new bathroom floor" continued. :)
Thankfully, we had my Grandpa here to help Papa get this flooring in. Yeah, it's linoleum, but I actually REALLY like it. It's nice and warm feeling, and it is so way cute.

The amazing constructors, waiting for the glue to dry. (I love these two!!!)
Isn't that super cute? (I'll post a picture of it all finished later.) I love the texture look, and all of the colors flow nicely with our walls. I am *so* excited for it all to be finished!

My favorite things.

 One of my very favorite things is construction. I've been doing quite a bit of that lately, with my Papa. First, he and I went to set 14 posts in concrete at a job site, then the next day, I peeled off all of the flooring in our bathroom. This is just a little wee bit of what I've done in my life. The biggest and most exciting construction job I've done with my family, was build our house. There are so many memories built into every wall, floor, ceiling, and foundation. It's hard work, yes. But it is twice as "accomplish feeling" in the end. You've actually created something with your hands. How fulfilling is that? So satisfying.

 Building our house was one of the greatest accomplishments of my family's history.

 I remember playing tag on those boards. We would *run* as fast as we possibly could across those things with bare feet. We never fell.   ---Crazy kids, I know. *smiles*
Even though, now, we aren't doing such big things as that, I still enjoy little things like this-

Do you have those work pants that you've had for like, forever? Yeah, I love mine. Because with every smudge of paint, bleach, or rip, there is a memory. I like to look at each one thinking of what I did to get that. For this job, I got a new rip. I think it's kinda cool actually. An interesting shape.
Construction has been built into my blood, and I absolutely love it. <3

----My apologies for skipping last weeks "favorite things." That was the very first time I skipped. Do you think these are interesting enough to continue? (Please let me know!!)

Thanks for reading!


I just recently made this new card set, based on the song, "you make me smile." (except for the 'laugh' card.) 
There are so many other things I could do with these. Since this set is the very first, they're not all that great...but I look forward to getting more creative with them later. :)

 This was my very first card of the three, so the 'smile' cut out is atrocious! *ug* Cute colors?
 I *love* this one. I think it's my fave. :) you like them?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Caitlin's 18th Birthday

My older sister turned 18 this last Sunday. We kind of celebrated it the night before, though. The Mack girls kindly planned a wonderful surprise for Caitlin on Saturday night. It was such a memorable night! I took some photos and video of the evening, which you will be able to see in this link-   Caitlin's surprise birthday party

On Sunday we had the joy of hosting the Sturtevant and Berkompas families. The day was spent eating, talking, going on a walk, playing games, laughing, telling stories, and simply spending time in sweet fellowship. Here are a few photos of the eventful afternoon-

 We tried to make Brian put on the Oregon Ducks hat, but he didn't want to betray the Beavers.
 After the walk, some of us played a little bit of volleyball barefoot. I was really bad. It was like the first time I had done it in forever, so...
After volleyball we set the kiddos up with a movie, (Over the hedge) and some of us went in my room to play the name game, and "I've never." -Fun times.

 I brought my beautiful birdie out to fly around. Henery loved him. :)
 I know, my room looks really messy with all of those people on the floor. But, really, it wasn't! (just don't lift up Felicity's blanket over her lumpy bed. :) )
 Heidi--always in the hammock. *grin*
 My photos are a bit mixed up here...but this is when we all went on a walk.
I told Brain to lay in the middle of the road, and he obeyed. :) I could have gotten better angles and stuff...but it was on the road, so I only spent 5 seconds on it. :) -Didn't want to kill him you know.

Thus ended the Lords day, and Caitlin's 18th Birthday. May this new year in her life be blessed with many good things, as she gives all glory and praise to her Lord and Savior. Praise be to God for blessing our family with such a gift as Caitlin.

Silhouette jumping

 Michaela and I decided to "attempt" at making a heart in the air together. It didn't quite work. I was thinking about why it didn't work, then I was struck with the completely obvious answer. --She and I are not the same size, and I'm not as flexible as she is. Du. But it was fun anyhow. :) All photo credit goes to AndraLea Mack who was as good enough to us, as to take pictures in the cold. :) Shutter speed is seriously, our favorite friend when it comes to jumping silhouette photos.

 See the little man?

 Ninja. :)

 I lifted Michaela, *and* jumped with her in the air. I've got the photo to prove it.
 Then she tried...and that didn't work out too well. :)

Which one was your favorite?