Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have had a wonderful one! We sure have...even though it did not snow. :(
This year we things the Scandinavian style, and open our gifts on Christmas eve, then our stockings on Christmas. I was blessed with-
~12 decks of cards from my Grandparents
~Really neat measuring cups for my coffee kitchen from Caitlin
~Coffee oven mitt from Caitlin
~The Pearl Maiden book from my Grandparents
~Really soft slippers from my mama
~Alainna's teddy bear from Alainna :)
~Numerous books and story tapes to all us kiddos from my Grandparents
~A massive zip line to us kiddos from my parents
~And the best of all, is from my parents to me........
I get to go to San Diego California!!!!!
Yippee! I simply cannot wait! They are also taking me to see Sea World. I will be going with my parents, my Grandma Koch, and my Aunt Cindy. Oh ! Just imagine all of the photography opportunities there will be down there. As you might tell...I am REALLY excited! 
After opening gifts we sat around and crocheted with my Grandma Lieder, who we are teaching right now. That, was a whole lot of fun!!!! After that we had a glorious Christmas dinner with our friends, the Gauls. After which, the Bradley's joined us for dessert. What fun! While the adults were talking down stairs Caitlin and I took the kiddos upstairs to watch "The Runner from Ravenshead." Very cute movie by the way. :) 
Here are a few more photos of our Christmas-

 Ya, we had a whole lot of fun with the little boys hats. :oP

 How was your Christmas?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A wonderful man

 December 15, 1968- a great man was born into this world. One who's children would respect and love, who's wife would serve and love, and one who would lay down his life, if necessary, for his family, faith, land, and freedom. Papa has given us kiddos an adventurous and wonderful life. I have so many memories of the different adventures he has taken his children on, that I will be sure to tell my children and my children's children. Here are a few of my favorites-
One day Papa had taken us four kids on our boat to explore the Columbia river. Apparently we had gotten too close to the shore of this island, and the sand whipped up in the motor which forced us to halt. The boat would not start up again. We were marooned on an island, and, to tell the truth, we were all pretty excited about it. After a while of diving for clams, which us kids were convinced we would have to eat, we tried the boat did not work. We all piled in anyway and tried to row to shore. A bit difficult...on our way a bigger boat came by, asked if we needed any help, and offered to take us up river, meanwhile we had called Mama to pick us up. Turns out, Mama had gone to the wrong place, and got our truck stuck in the sand. So the guys pulled us were she was, and we had to dig, push, and pull the truck out of the sand. Big, huge, long ordeal. In the end we were all still alive, and made another spectacular adventure. *cheer*
~Last summer we channeled the whole Lewis river into one shoot. 
~We went swimming, in the river, in the beginning of February.
~Had an all day fishing adventure in bare feet along the Lewis river.
...And much, much more. 
There is so much I am thankful to God for. I could not have asked for a better protector, provider, teacher, and Papa. I love you Papa!

This year we all took Papa to Timberline Lodge, and made another adventure.... 

 ~so cute.

 *he he he* These were in the Timberline Lodge. :)

It was seriously this blue in the cracks of the snow. It looked fake! 


 We came home from Timberline to a Scrumptious dinner of, flavorful Costco pizza, and mouth watering Root beer, served on gorgeous china, and bedazzling wine glasses. After which Papa went to a meeting, then came home to watch "Robin Hood" (with Russel Crow) with Caitlin, Mama and I. Fun, fun, fun!
~Our Family Photo~ 
My Handsome Father, who is loved by all his the end of his days.


Elijah Berkompas, as cute as ever.
Marcus loves rocks. You'll find them on his dresser, in his pants, shirts, shoes, coats....and eventually in the washing machine. I'll have to admit, some of them are the most beautiful rocks I've seen. This ^ is one of them. 

---Just a few photos I've snapped during the week...hope you liked them! ---


I love the looks of the water. So calm and peaceful...

After Church, a few weeks ago, Kayla and I visited the enormous puddle in the middle of the Church parking lot. And if any of you know me..I am always sure to bring my camera along. ;) 
Which photo do you like better? 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas tree adventure in the mountains

I know this is a little late, but it is better late then never, right?
I was too afraid to take my "big" camera out in the snow, so these photos are from my mini camera. I think they actually turned out pretty good.



Nemo is SO cute!!!

You can't go in the snow with out a sled!

Kayla and I.

*chuckle* she is such a little poser. ;p

I don't know about you, but I love this photo of Caitlin. She did not pose for it and,  if I remember correctly, she actually was falling from a log and tried to keep her balance.

All squashed into our van. :)
What a wonderful adventure! Mountain Christmas trees are not only pretty and elegant, but as they stand in your living room it reminds you of the adventure you had getting it in the mountains, playing in the snow, having snow-ball fights, laughing, sledding, drinking hot coco, and having an outstanding time with family and friends. We have never gone to a parking lot to get our Christmas tree, but we have gone to a tree farm, though fun, they do not beat a mountain tree. With a mountain tree, comes adventure, snow, hiking far and wide where no one has gone before to find just the right tree, and so very much more. Thank the Lord for all of these fun things. Christmas would not be the same without them. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Great Flood

Because of all the hard rain we received today, the ponds and creeks are flooded! It has been around four years since we have been hit with a flood this big. To tell the truth, I think it is actually fun and adventurous. :) There are a few complications that you run into if your property floods and you have a bridge. We were mainly concerned that the rushing water would weaken the trees, and there would be a slight possibility that the trees would fall over the bridge. So we tried to re-direct the creek into the woods. Although it was a big sloppy muddy mess, we did make some pretty fun memories. :) Here are a couple pictures that were taken during this event. Since it was dark most of my photos did not turn out, so I will, Lord willing, post more tomorrow. :)


The mighty victorious warriors
(.....or....the muddily victorious workers.)