Friday, April 18, 2014

Cannon Beach|2014

Cannon Beach holds a special place in my family's heart. We go every year, and look forward to every time. This time we went with some of our extended family as well. They were all down here for Cassandra's (my cousin) wedding that Saturday, so we wanted to go relax at the beach before the stressing out happens. We stayed for a couple days, eating, walking on the beach, exploring, shopping, sitting in the hot tub, watching t.v., laughing everywhere we went, eating GIANT cinnamon rolls, and getting coffee. The moments we shared....

I'm guessing that this is what "golden waves" would look like. 

(photos with me in goes to my Grandma Koch!!)

The girls of the family!
While the adults went to get coffee one morning, I stayed back with the kids at the resort. They had this glorious balcony with a remarkable view! It was the perfect place to drink tea, study the word, smell the salty air, and take in the view. It was one of the most relaxing mornings I have ever had.

While I was out there, the kids were captivated by a screen, and all ready in their swimming suits for when Papa came back.
-Our living room. It was a really nice resort, actually. There was this giant bathroom, two massive bedrooms, a hallway with a closet and mirrors, and a balcony, and kitchenette. The people would build you a bonfire out on the beach whenever you wanted, you could have delivered two movies with popcorn, they had chocolate milk and cookies at the lobby at nights, as well as many, many more things that I just really appreciated. I would recommend this place.

These old, ugly, orange slippers are strangely one of my absolute favorite shoes I have, and I wear them everywhere. It's one of those "comfort" things.

Eating chowder at "Moe's."

A seven person selfie, inside a store. Yes.

On our way to our secret, hidden beach. Which, of course, we have promptly, and ceremoniously given the name- "koch beach." will never find it...

 Here it is!!! A beauty to behold.

 Check out Marcus' back. It looks like Levi is a miniature person, and is stepping off of his back onto a rock. :) It was pretty steep, though.
 :) ----see?
 My Grandma is amazing. She really, really is.

 Koch feet. -It's what we do.

 Alainna- "should I jump? Should I jump?"
 -"Yes I will!"

 We find this kind of stuff everywhere on the beach.

 Here we are again...Orange slippers on an adventure.
 This photo looks so un-natural! It looks like he is standing sideways, with no head. It's funny how things can appear to the eye sometimes..

 We made steps for Grandma on the way back.

 The look of victory..

 See the fish?

 We are definitely two look-alikes!
 This is pretty much my favorite family photo this year. If only my Mother was in it!!
This was a tremendous trip, to be sure.