Monday, January 12, 2015

Leavenworth -2014-

         And so we went....
                            To Leavenworth.
           A small little town of magic.
        A small little town of Christmas.
     A small little town of quaint shops.
 A small little town, among towns.
                            It was beautiful.
                            It was festive.
                            And we were there.
            The 15th of December through the 17th.      

WHY?  ---it was to celebrate my Papa's birthday.
                          He is a strong, loving couldn't ask for better! And we all love him tremendously. With all of our hearts, and forever more. The end.

Of course, pictures were taken. Even though it froze my fingers..and my hands, it was one of the most beautiful places I've been to...I couldn't stop snapping. The mountains, climbing into the sky as the ghostly white fog creeps through the trees, and envelops the top of the mountain in a soft embrace. This place was poetry. It was magic. A place that sets you into a magical fairy tale, that chases away (for a moment) the memory of reality beyond it.

As you look through the pictures, imagine that you've stepped into them. Smell the cold, icy air. Hear the Christmas hymns playing in the streets. Touch the snow. Feel the numbness on your nose as a slight wind blows up. Wonder through the shops, and taste the freshly baked pretzels, dipped in the homemade porter mustard.

We were there....
             ....and now....

                                  were you. :)

                                  Thanks for browsing, you. :)