Monday, October 15, 2012

Mother/ Daughter Tea 2012

My Mother, Grandma, Sisters and I had the great joy of attending the Mother/Daughter Tea up in Tacoma a few weeks ago. I had a splendid time meeting new people, being encouraged by Mrs. McDonald, drinking tea, taking photos, and spending time with the people I love. We have gone to this tea before, but quite a while ago. This was Alainna's first time going, and she I think she had an absolute blast.

 The Lord has blessed us tremendously by having the Gray's sit with us. They are such an amazing family!
 -I love this little girl!

 -4 chandeliers.   (Looks like one, hu?)

 Mrs. Seifert and AnnaLynn entered some of their beautiful homemade items.

 We met the Cash girls there! It is so much fun meeting new people, then seeing them again at another event!

 I absolutely *loved* this little girl's outfit! The little blond curls, the hat, the sparkles and ruffles and bows! Oh my goodness! It was just way too stinkin' cute!

 Meet the Gray Ladies! The more we talked with them, the more we found in common. I was shocked! We are almost exactly alike in the things we do, say, think, and have done in the past. I won't go on and on down the list of similarities, but I'll just say, I am SO thankful to the Lord for having our paths cross!

 The Seifert ladies were able to come as well! I was so happy!
 Now, do they look alike, or what?

 Mrs. Seifert won a prize for her homemade beauties!
---And so did my Grandma! I was so proud of the both of them!!
This was the BEST Mother/daughter tea I've ever been to. Praise be to GOD!